Friday, October 20, 2006


I have been tagged by Caroline to list 5 little known things about me. I haven't found this easy as I am a very open person and assume people know most things about me, but here goes.

1. I have survived an abusive marriage.

2. I have a dolphin tattoo, done on my left shoulder when I was 35 and it took me a year to tell my Mum

3. I used to be a competition swimmer

4. When I was a lot younger I took speed regularly, but a bad experience scared me from doing it again

5. Despite my bold manner, I am actually quite shy. This sometimes comes across as being miserable and or stuck up


Sharon J said...

You didn't tag anybody! You have to. It's the law. If you break the chain your blog will blow up within 24 hours and the Internet will grind to a standstill, which will have dire consequences for my work so I'll be broke and you'll have to lend me money. Lots of it.

Beki said...

I was tagged for the Peoples Collection too! I seem to be the only one without a tattoo of the ones I've read so far - I fell left out!

My first visit so off to look round!

Caroline said...

Yeahhhhhhh you did it!
I know very little about you - so this is great. I still haven't told my mum about my tat or my blog or ... omg! when she finds my blog I am going to be in sooooooooooooooooo much trouble!


ps - Sharon!

Knowleypowley said...


Very brave to let all this out. Well done you. Like the item about the tattoo. You should have seen my parents faces when I had my left nipple pierced at the age of 40


Sharon J said...

Pete. You are kidding, right? The mind boggles :-)

Carol said...

That has just made me go ouch!!!

I had a male friend who came on holiday with us to Turkey. He had both his nips pierced.

With my tattoo, I had to tell my Mum, it was a boiling hot day and I was wearing a cardi. My aunt was visiting and she suggested I take it off. I explained the problem and she said: Leave it to me, I'll be discreet.
We sat down to dinner and she just blurted out: Brenda have you seen Carol's dolphin?!!! LOL

Knowleypowley said...


You can always rely on family!!

It made me go "ouch" (or words to that effect) too.

Sharon J said...

OMG! You brave, brave man! Just the thought is enough to bring tears to my eyes!