Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sian And kai

Here they are!! Sian and Kai

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hellooooooo Baby!!!

Oh no photos yet, but my daughter had a little girl on Friday the 23rd of November. Sian Olivia Jane and she weighed in at a nice healthy 10lb 7oz!!! She is a whopper!!! Big fat cheeks, doesn't scream, and Mum, Dad, Kai and baby are all doing great!!! I am so happy, I got a Saggitarian instead of a Scorpio!!! (no offense to Scorio's mind)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In anticipation

My daughter is having a baby!! It's due tomorrow, but we have had a few false starts. Oh the anticipation is driving me nuts!! Poor Kai is tearing his hair out as he waits to see his sister/brother. He has bought a teddy ready to take to the hospital and a Christmas present of a bib that plays Jingle Bells and a pair of sheep faced booties.

Poor Christine is HUGE, she has been suffering from sympathis pubis disfunction almost from 4 months. It is an instability in her pelvis caused by a big baby getting big quickly. Still the worst seems to be over after getting some physiotherapy from the Royal London and now that the baby's head has engaged. But ooooh how I want to see the little blighter!! Come on baby, come on. I know you are nicely cooked, now just hurry up and get here safely!!!

Another Blog

Well it's been a while since my last blog. I could make all sorts of excuses, but I won't!

The week before last, I finally had a week on the canals. We decided to go a different route as Chester has got a bit monotonous! Anyway, we chugged out of Swanley marina, down Hurlston locks and away towards Market Drayton.

Day one started very dismally. There was low lying cloud, rain thundering on the roof and it was cold. I must admit, after having a week on the boat like this once before I really wasn't looking forward to it, but come 11.30am the rain stopped and we chugged our way to Audlem and whoa!! The sun shone it had warmed up and then it stayed that way ALL WEEK I mean it was the last week of October going into the first week of November!!

We then had lots of locks to go through to take us up the 90ft climb to Market Drayton. Sharon, not being as fit as she once was, helped teach Linda to steer so that she wouldn't have to do all the locks herself and took the boat into the locks as much as she could. During those locks, we met some really nice people. Sadly I didn't take their names (naughty me) but there was one guy in particular who was a great help, making locks ready for us after he had moored. The only clue I have to his identitly was he had a dog called Meg (an English sheep dog cross, rescued) and his wife was called Margaret. I did meet one American lady who asked me if I realised the principles of locking because we dared to stop for breakfast and she thought we were going to waste a lock full of water. Less said about her the better, except, I hope she had a nice journey home!!!

We got to Market Drayton by day 3, but because the Challenger boat owner had taken all the space we then had to go up 5 locks to turn then back down them again!! Oh well, such is life. Another nice gent at the top of those locks helped me turn Summer Breeze.

On the subject of Summer Breeze. She is showing her age a bit now. Every day, not only did we have to grease the prop (essential) ,but also had to fill her engine with at least a litre and a half of water and keep the revs low, hence, we were always being passed by other boats. One in particular, too fast. He dragged our front end towards him, while we wobbled about on the waves he had made. Luckily I know where reverse is so there wasn't a collision!!!

Course, after climbing 27 locks, we had to go back down them again and Linda worked like a Trojan. She has my lock wheeler of the century award!!!

Well done Linda!!!

Anyway, on Halloween, we made it back to Audlem and decided to stay the night. The local pub, The Shroppie Fly had a halloween night for the local kids in the pub, so the evening cost us a fortune (treating) and we did have some banging on the boat after dark. Ooooh, it was really scarey. We also met Jan and Simon on a Challenger boat at Audlem and helped clear up their flooded loo. Nice couple, maybe we will see them again sometime!

All in all we had a nice break. Sharons pump didn't charge very well, but that was put right by the lovely Christine who runs the craft shop next to the Shroppie Fly. I am now looking for crew, so if anyone would like to share narrowboat holiday?...............................................

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Oh yes!!! 3 weeks and counting, then it's off on a narrowboat holiday with Sharon and another friend for a week. I don't care if it rains I am waterproofed up! I am so looking forward to it as it's been 2 years since my last one. I am only hoping Christine doesn't give birth while I am on it as 4 mph doesn't bode well for rushing back! (She won't be with me thankfully!) We plan to go up the Shroppie the other way towards Wolverhampton, haven't done that route before. Lots of locks but hey, I could do with the exercise. So if anyone sees me on 'Summer Breeze' Please shout and say Hello!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Going to School in Style

I was having a chat with my friend Susan the other week. I have been friends with her since I was old enough to play in the street!! 3 years old!! She is 3 years older than me but we used to go to the same primary school.

Her Mum had a friend 'Uncle Harry' He was a chauffeur for someone and occassionally he would pop in early in the morning for a quick cuppa.

One morning he offered us a lift to school. I remember this car as being very big, but as I was probably very small I thought maybe my memory deceived me, so thats why I started chatting to Sue about it.

A quick phone call to her Mum established that Harry drove a Bentley Princess in his occupation as a chauffeur, so in all probability, the car WAS big. It had leather seats and was very shiney and well kept. (As you would expect!)

We had a right old laugh imagining what we must have looked like, pulling up at this old 2 story, East London school in a Bentley! Then 'Uncle Harry' would get out in his smart uniform, open the door for us and give a little nod as we climbed out and made our way into the play ground.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Yeah

That is definitely worth a blog. At last the Brits have stood up for what they believe in and that stupid EU has abandoned it's insistence on a metric way of life!!!

Now does anyone else have any more suggestions about any other stupid rules and regulations they have imposed on us that we can totally ignore?

No one minds a suggestion, but when a group of unelected nit wits come along and TELL us what to do then that's where I draw the line.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where for art me?

Well Knowley, THAT is a good question. I don't know where the time has gone............I'm here.

Work has been horrendously busy but I am happy to say, it has slowed down and in 2 weeks I am off to Norway with that Sharon type person then a few weeks after that we are going on a Narrowboat for a week.

I have had a week off as Kai and Christine came and stayed with me for a week during Kai's nursery closure and....oh yes I am going to be a nanny again in November. I don't have a clue what Christine is having except it is likely to be large. She looks fit to burst already and still has 2 and a half months to go. It is due the week after we come back off the narrowboat, I am hoping it won't come sooner as being on a narrowboat is hardly condusive to getting back to London in an emergency!!! I hope all my bloggy friends are well and I promise I will start bloggin again very soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If you want to grass your Nan up, find a policeman

Yesterday, Kai came up to work with his Mum to have lunch with me. While we were in the cafe, I took him to the toilet and in the process of washing his hands, accidently sqirted soap in his eyes. Well! He didn't cry, but he asked me 'Are you going to tell my Mum what you did?' 'Are you going to tell the people in work what you did?' Wicked Nanny eh?

Anyway, on the the train going home, he informed me, he was going to tell a policeman what I had done to him! Evil Nanny had squirted soap in his eyes! Boy was I in trouble? We got off the train, I looked around. My local train station is usually full of police, but there wasn't a copper in sight. I could breathe a sigh of relief.

We walked through the shopping centre, out the other side, along the road towards Christines flat and there, I bumped into a guy I used to go to school with. He was in my class. We stopped and chatted and then I remembered! He was a policeman! So I said to Kai 'Kai, Nick is a policeman. Are you going to tell him what I did to you? Kai looked at me, then looked at his Mum, then back to Nick and said 'My Mum hit me in the face with her elbow!!' Thank god I thought (tongue in cheek, of course) He had grassed Mum up and not me!! Nick enquired if it was an accident and Kai admitted that it was, so we all had a chuckle and went our separate ways.

As we were walking along, Christine asked if he really was a policeman as he had been wearing a suit. So I smiled and told her 'Yes, in actual fact, he is the commander for the whole Metropolitan police in the borough'

So the moral of this story? If you are going to get grassed up by your Grandson, make sure it is done whith style and go straight to the top!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Smoking Ban

I am writing this blog as a SMOKER! Yes I smoke, I know it doesn't do me any good and I should give it up, and one day I probably will, but not yet.

On the 1st of July England goes non smoking. No smoking in enclosed public spaces............Pubs, Restaurants, night-clubs, hotels.......

Are you waiting for me to complain about it? Go on about my 'rights' as a smoker? Cos if you are, then you may as well stop reading now.

I am positively looking forward to it. The truth is, when I start rolling a cigarette, I am embarrassed. It is a truely filthy habit, and my attitude is: It's my right to smoke, but not to inflict that on other people. I am sick of hearing smokers asking: 'What about my right to smoke?' Surely they can see that their right to smoke is more harmful than that of a non smoker?

I would like to think I am a considerate smoker. I would never just light up in a non smokers house, I try to dispose of my butts in a bin (unlit of course). I accept I have a very unsociable habit and just wish other smokers, would take a deep breath and admit it too.

I will smoke less when I go out. The positive of that is, it will be better for my health and better for my pocket.

I would just like to say though, please don't quote me on how much smokers cost the NHS (About 2 billion) unless you want to quote along side, the revenue the government receive from tobacco (About 10 billion) And no, I am not using that as an arguement to smoke in public enclosed spaces.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Stiff Upper Lip

Laugh? Well I had to last night. Watching Big Brother.

On first appearances Lesley wasn't really my cup of tea, but after being persuaded by Big Brother to rethink her decision to leave the house she went to the bedroom, squatted beside her bed, put her head under the quilt and started to snivel. Finally Emily noticed her and went up to her, the conversation then went like this:

Emily: Lesley, I didn't see you there
Lesley: Sniff, snivel, snivel
Emily: Are you alright?
Lesley (In stiff upper lip tradition) Yes Thankyou
Emily: What are you doing down there? Are you o.k?
Lesley: Yes. Thankyou, I am just sniffing my mattress

I know it doesn't sound funny! And maybe I was just in a silly mood last night, but I cracked up laughing. Next time I am caught crying, I will try that one!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Have I been busy or have I been busy? I haven't blogged for ages!! Hooray!! I hear you say.

Update on the work thing. I went for an interview for my own job and funnily enough, I got it. I was then sent a contract offering me LESS money and the loss of 12 option days. Hahem!! (And if you watch Catherine Tate you will know what I said next!!) Seems HR forgot I was on protected salary. Still they then made me a better offer of MORE money and the loss of 12 option days holiday so I decided to take it!!

Since then, I have worked my bloody socks even more and realise I should have pressed for more financial gain. Still never mind, I have the job title and thats what is important.

Anyway peeps, how are you all? I have been looking at your blogs even if I didn't write one and I have been thinking of you all. I hope you are all well.

I am off now for a few days so I will look forward to any comments when I get back. Good or bad, I don't care..................................

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tagged again

KnowleyPowley has tagged me. I put my birth date (26th of March) in Wikepedia and came up with these

3 Events
1. Richard The Lionheart fatally wounded
2. Auschwitz took in it's first female prisoners
3. Jonas Salk announced his Polio Vaccine

2 Birthdays
1. Diana Ross 1944
2. Teddy Prendergast 1950

1 Death
Noel Coward

1 Holiday
Bangladesh independence day

Now I suppose I will have to tag someone else won't I? Caroline, GO, Akelamelu.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Typical Man

I have had my Grandson staying with me all week. We have been to the zoo, been over the park, gone to see narrowboats and had lunch in the pub. In all we have had a jolly good time but by Thursday the novelty was wearing off.

He's a right little chatterbox is Kai, he talks for England. He always has a 'Nan what is...........' Or 'Nan, why is............' So there we are on Thursday going around Morrisons. He is singing 'Lets all go to Tesco's where my Mum buys her best clothes' Then the questions start. By the time I got to the check out, I was frazzled so I told him
'Kai, I am going to change my name!!' He looked at me quite puzzled and asked 'What are you going to change it to?' so I told him. 'Anything but Nan then you won't be able to asked non stop questions and I won't have to answer to Nan! He looked at me and said 'Tell me what your new name is then' so I told him 'NO!'. That's when he turned into a typical man, he looked at me really sad and said ' Oh I won't be able to ask you for a cuddle then'

Did I melt? Of course I did, how could I get grumpy at that? So I kept my name and once he realised I wasn't about to change it the questions started again 'Nan what is......' 'Nan why is........'


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I Missed it. Marbella Belles!! I was tired I woke up to Whatserface telling the others she is going to have another Baybee!!! What did I miss? Will someone please tell me?!!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hopping mad or the tale of the drilled waterpipe

In November, the 18th to be precise, my friends partner, Richard decided to do me a good deed and put a blind up for me. I had had new windows fitted and needed to change the blind.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, R drilled through a central heating pipe, conveniently placed, by Barratts, in the wall and NOT in the corner where it should have been. Water started spraying everywhere. Like a true trooper, R kept his finger on the pipe while I ran around like a blue arsed fly trying to get the central heating off and turn taps on to empty the water tank, as at that time, I had no idea what pipe it was!

I phoned British Gas, they came out, it was chargeable, but I didn't care as my insurance company assured me I was covered for accidental damage. BG came, hammered a hole in the plasterboard and fixed the leak. Well done British Gas. I was left with a hole behind the curtain measuring about 12" in length and 4" in width.

The insurance company asked if I would like them to send someone to look at the structural damage, which I agreed to as I didn't have a portfolio of workmen to call upon. But basically, I thought, easy peasy, bit of plasterboard, bit of paint. Sorted.

So move on a MONTH now and eventually someone turned up from the building consortium to look at the damage. I have an open plan front room, so he looked at the hole in the wall, looked at the paint, then went upstairs and measured the landing.................

Christmas came and went, then New Year came and went, my Dads birthday (1st of February), my sisters birthday (14th of February) came and went. Then I received a letter from the insurance company asking how I thought they had dealt with my claim. So I told them. They had acted superbly, but to date I was still waiting for the building consortium to contact me about a start date..............

Eventually, 5 weeks ago, the building consortium telephoned me. They wanted to start the work. I would be sent a schedule of works and someone would contact me in 3 days to arrange a start date. The schedule has arrived. For a hole 12" x 4" they are going to paint the ceiling all the walls in the living room, plus the landing because I have an open plan room. I'm not complaining about that, it seems ridiculous when they can just patch it, but Hey, I can do with redecorating.

WHAT I am absolutely SEETHING, FURIOUS, HOPPING MAD, LIVID about is the fact that they have still not phoned me to arrange a start date. C'mon guys, it is almost 5 MONTHS since R made a hole. What's more, I now know why my insurance is sooo bloody expensive.

Mind you, it might make a nice feature, sort of industrial looking


copyright 2007
copyright 2007

I have been reading akelamalu's blog and decided to put these pictures up of water as I love em!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marbella Bollox!!!

My god, I watched the T.V last night. Marbella Belles! Belles? I think not. Listen I can swear like a fish wife at times, but that woman, er whatserface, well she can put me to shame. I have to watch it in open mouthed wonder at a bunch of women who are so far up their own arses I am surprised they haven't disappeared!!

One was complaining last night that the love of her life had left her for 'a 53 year old grandmother' mmmmm shouldn't that TELL you something about yourself? Or should it? So what if she was 53, so what if she was a grandmother? Looks like he still left you his BMW and the ability to pay £300 for a pair of Jimmy Choos. I have never seen such a bunch of materialistic old slappers in my life, the problem is, it is compulsive viewing for me.

I watch them because it makes me feel good about myself, despite being a size 20 and not nearly as well groomed as they are. I am glad I have to scrimp for a living, and am a 47 year old grandmother!!

Watch it and enjoy the exploits of

Just hands over ' TheBaybeee' to LinLin the au-pair. How sad she can't enjoy the lovely little boy. She has a cream dog to match her cream rug. Lets hope it doesn't piss on it then!! Come to think of it, lets hope Lin Lin doesn't let 'The Baybee' piss on the rug either or she will have to get someone to change the colour scheme for her! Oh and why does she use fake tan on her face while living in Marbella? She already has more wrinkles than my 80 year old mother anyway, so she can't use sun damage as an excuse.

Beauty salon owner, she lost '2 good men to friends'. Couldn't have been that good then eh? Her current boyfriend bought her a real Gucci diamond bracelet and guess what? She didn't realise it was real or so expensive, but despite that 'She has earned everyone of those diamonds' How? Pray do tell......................

6ft 2 inches of ....what? Asked a friend last night why she brought another friend along who got so drunk she was experiencing a 'Falaraki' moment, sent her packing in a taxi then did the same thing herself later. 'Works' as a cosmetic surgery co-ordinator and quite honestly, if looks are so important to her, should take advantage of the staff discounts!

Ohhhh I can't wait for next week!!!! Tuesdays 10pm ITV1 Meowwwwww!!

Pet Hates on a scale of 1-10

1. People who say they are going to do something, then don't! 10

2. Waking up to washing up 8

3. Unmade beds 6

4. People who pick food off my plate without being offered 10

5. Someone hogging the T.V remote in MY house 9

6. B.O on the tube 5

7. People who sit on a seat (Usually in a public place) but use the
seat to put their feet on and park their bums on the back 10

8. Driving with fog lamps on when it is not foggy 7

9. People who won't let you off a train/bus first 4

10. Tailgaters in the middle lane of a motorway
(there is a 3rd lane to overtake) 10

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bath? No Thanks

Well my shower blew up!! It was panic stations for a while as my lodger was on her own and it had tripped the RCD circuit, still with a little coaxing, she finally got the electricity back on so she could watch T.V

Then I had the problem of finding someone to fit a new one. I had managed to get a decent shower in Argos, but working in London and living in Crewe at weekends, I haven't got a portfolio of workmen. So I turned to the yellow pages. I tried quite a few numbers, quite frankly if they didn't answer the phone then I didn't leave a message. I eventually got an answer from a guy who didn't seem all that enthused about working on a weekend, but I left my number and forgot about it.

Saturday passed and no call. I had to have a bath!!! I hate baths, in fact it has been years since I have had one. So I asked a neighbour if they could recommend someone and got a number from them. Then Sunday the phone rang. It was the reluctant electrician I had rung earlier in the week. Could he pop over and take a look? So I said yes.

Well after getting lost twice, he turned up, took a look, asked to see the new shower then asked if I would like it fitted immediately? Yes please, I said, How Much? I was expecting a lot of money, it was Sunday after all........... His answer? £30 !!! So long as it was straight forward, which it was! I now have a new working shower, and although I took the mans number I didn't take his company name. He is going to get my business again. What a nice change to meet a genuine workman who does a good job. So if you are living in the Crewe area and want a sparks feel free to contact me.....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Deed Done

So that's it, my job has been advertised on the web page. Internal only, the only consession that the union managed to get for me. I have looked at it and then compared it to another job also advertised, they are both at the same grade but one is for a team leader (Fancy name for a supervisor) and mine is assistant manager. Seems the only thing I will gain from it is an appropriate job title.

Mostly what will happen when/if I apply is the loss of 12 option days holiday. I am seriously asking myself if it is worth it? The money stays the same assuming they will push my salary up the spine points, I won't get any back pay for the time I have been doing the role and quite frankly I am very dispondent. I feel I have been conned.

Still I have updated my CV I have loaded it on the job sites and if anyone would like to offer me a job, I will consider it!!! Travel would be nice, meeting people would be nice. Any reasonable offers considered.................................................Gis a job!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back in the land of the living

Here I am, back amongst the ranks of the working class. I went back to work yesterday!!

I never thought I would say it, but I am glad to be back at work. I have missed my colleagues and even the work. That 3 months has just whizzed by, zoom, gone. Or as Knowley would say, blink!

No more Jeremy Kyle or This morning for me, no more laying in bed till 9am.

I am so happy. Mmmmmmm Wonder if I will feel like it this time next week. Hahahahahahahahaha

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Evil in Me

I was going to call this post something else, I was, in actual fact going to title it with the name of a certain person who (did) mightily piss me off, but I decided to be a good girl and let bygones be bygones. Although not before I perpetrated some psychological warfare.

I was invited to stay somewhere in January. You know about that. The fact is, this person actively encouraged me to spend a large amount of money to buy a ticket to travel, which I did. Then just a few days before Christmas, stopped all contact with me. DEAD!! Changed the contact phone number, but not before telling me they were not alright, but offering no further explaination. So along with the aggravation of having an unexpected 12 inch scar, plus the hassle work were presenting me with, I had to sit all through Christmas pretending I was having a great time, while actually I was stressing about whether or not that person was sick, dead whatever!

Anyway, as my travel date got closer, I began to get calls from people who had been told I was going for a visit by this person, and it began to dawn on me, they were getting worried about my visit. Was I or wasn't I going? Gradually as all my cylinders started kicking in, I thought it would be good fun to let them think I still was!! I thoroughly enjoyed a nice natty game of mind chess, because even if they weren't bothered I enjoyed myself terrorising them.

Anyway RI, I would just like you to know. I know how much you have stressed and fretted about getting a visit from me because a certain friend has told me. So now I can tell you. I wasn't there. I saved my money and spent it on doing something important instead, I didn't lose the money you see. All my cynlinders are firing now and I feel great, no longer am I vunerable and guess what? Those calls from friends produced a terrific surprise, I discovered just who my friends were and I will be visiting them.......................................soon, so don't stop looking over your shoulder quite just yet!!!

Oh and for those that know and love me, please believe me when I tell you, I don't actually do this at the drop of a hat. It takes a lot to push me to do what I have done and it bloody well made me feel sooooooo much better.

Monday, January 08, 2007

What a difference

Well what a difference a few weeks make. I was really really low over Christmas. As a previous blog will tell you, I had something happen which was just the straw that broke the camels back.

Today, I feel really up and positive. I can look back over the last few weeks and see that there was too much for me to be dealing with at one time. Also I am going away, getting out of my own environment and now have something to look forward to.

I have been out with Sharon J bending her ear and she has helped me get things into perspective. I have terrified a good friend of mine, but she is O.K. now. Sorry maties, and Thanks!!

So time to move on. I am going to start with the job sites!!!