Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was readiung a post at Gentlemanoracle and it reminded me of my school days.

As people who have read my posts before will know, I didn't really spend much time there. But there are 2 really good things to come out of school.
1. Meeting Sharon
2. Standing up to bullies

Sharon you know about, but the bullies you don't.

I passed my 11+ and opted to go to a grammar school. It was out of the area of my primary school so made me a target for the class bullies who had all come from the same primary school in the same area as the grammar school.

The main 2 culprits, J & D used to love making my life a misery and for a long time I took it, until one momentous Geography lesson.

I was sitting in the class, I had put up with the usual verbal abuse, but then J, who was sitting behind me, decided she was going to dig me in the back. Unfortunately she dug me right in between some vertabrae in my spine and it HURT like hell.

Now I have never really been violent, there have been some occassions when I have lashed out and this was one of them. To this day, I see it all in slow motion.

I stood up, swung around and socked J with the back of my fist. I REALLY put my shoulder into it. The look of horror on her face as she realised what was coming and couldn't stop it, was actually very satisfying. As my fist connected with her cheek, her head flew back against the wall behind her and she got a resounding crack both from my fist and the wall! I then told her very calmly never to touch me again. I sat down and continued with the lesson.

I am sure the teacher was aware of what was going on because he never said a word and just carried on teaching after the event. From that day onwards, J & D never bullied me again.

To my shame, they actually bullied another girl out of the class, and when we were sat down by the headmistress and asked to write names down on a piece of paper if we knew who the bullies were. I didn't. The truth was, I had never seen her being bullied, but it was obvious who had been doing it as they were the only 2 in the class who did the bullying.

I often wonder what happened to those two. They did try to be my friend afterwards, but I was friends with Sharon who was in another class, so didn't bother with them. Strangely I never did tell my parents, although I did tell my Dad many years later and he was amazed that I had not told him at the time.

I am sure, that if they do remember, they are probably quite ashamed of what they did then. Hopefully, as adults, they are nicer people.


Sharon J said...

I hope they're nicer people too, along with JmC and a few others that spring to mind. The strange thing is, I honestly think we were happier than any of that lot. We had a hell of a lot of fun whereas all they ever seemed to care about was whether or not they looked good.

Caroline said...

You have more faith than me. I think once a bully, always a bully.
But maybe I am just old and cynical!

Carol said...

Well I did have a friend who's daughter could be a bit of a bully. She's now grown up but although she still expects lots of help from her Mum she doesn't bully anymore. The strange thing is, after about the 1st year I don't remember them being like that. I think the incident with the head asking people to name names scared them a bit.

I think we were a lot maturer than the people in both our classes. I remember once being asked if I would ever let a bloke touch my tit and I said 'of course' meaning even at that age, I realised I was not going to go through life without sexual contact. But of course, I got branded a slag. Which I am!! I am a slag!!! A fat Slag!!!! Yippee LOL
I am tempted to write 'Look at me now J***** L******' but of course, I am far too nice to embarrass her.

Carol said...

Yes, all they cared about was looking good. Which they didn't. I mean seriously look at CP? Can you imagine her EVER looking good. JmC in particular will take that pinched snotty look with her throughout her whole life. Besides beauty comes from within and based on that criteria, they were very ugly indeed.

Sharon J said...

Hear, hear!