Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Mystery

Recently I sent off an application to my building society for permission to rent my property. Since my Mum died in October I have been spending more and more weekends with my Dad so decided the property could pay for itself.

I filled in the form with a great deal of care, getting important information from my P60 and sent it off. I noticed after a month or so I still hadn't heard a word from them, that is, until I went back to Crewe this last weekend to finish off emptying the place. There on the mat was a letter from the building society.

I opened it and inside was a letter thanking me for my application but explaining that I hadn't filled in section A of the form (The part I most definitely did as I had to find a p60 to do it) and enclosing another form. I looked at the form carefully.

Part A was the ONLY place that identified who I was and my address, so the mystery is this.

If I forgot to fill in that part of the form, how did the building society know who to write to to inform me that I hadn't?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I spoke about Kay here. I had to publish this photo of her frollicking in the waves of Olu Deniz because this is how I will always remember her. It makes me smile and brings back memories of happier times. I really hope that's where she is now. Thanks to Mark, her son, for letting me have it.