Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Week boating

I have just returned from a weeks cruising along the Trent and Mersey canal. we have had rain, hail and thunder, frozen ropes and chance meetings with other bloggers. First of all, we met Lesley and Joe from NB Yarwood and another couple from NB Damper van at Great Heywood, it is nice to meet in the flesh writers of the blogs you read. Damper van is planning a blog, so I will be watching out for that one to read. Then later on in the day we cruised past Seyellas Journey at the waterpoint, Geoff once helped me and some friends up the Audlem flight in a particularly unloved hire boat, I tooted to say hello, but they were busy as no-one came out, but Meg was out and gave us a little look.

Later on the ducks made us laugh, I had some meal worms I had bought for the Robins and they made quick work of those, after we closed the hatch doors they pecked at the side of the boat until late into the night wanting more. Cheeky buggers

We spent my birthday at Alrewas and had a lovely Chinese from there, we also met the crew of another Aqua boat, Aqua life. I was so pooped, I ended up going to bed at 8pm!! We did take advantage of Coates the butchers the next day and got a beef stew on the go to cook while we cruised.

I faced my nemesis at Great Haywood, I turned the boat AND reversed into the water point without hitting a thing despite the man from Anglo Welsh watching!! Hahahahaha. I must admit, I am much more confident now, that's experience I suppose and now I am teaching my friend Susan to steer so I can have a breather sometimes. I always learn something new each trip and the Aqua staff give us a fantastic handover. They had an open day the day after we left the marina so had some of the boats they had built in the berths next to us, must say I am very impressed with their boat building. Privately owned Aida was alongside and looked very very nice

Here are some pics of the trip

Reflections at our overnight mooring just past Kings Bromley Marina

Me taking it easy at Bartons Turn Locks

Misty sunrise at Great Haywood