Tuesday, October 17, 2006

crap shag

I don't know why I thought of it, but I was walking to the station this morning and I started thinking about my holidays last year to Jamaica.

I was musing about how a word can mean totally different things to different cultures.

As is apt to happen in Jamaica, we were befriended by some of the local men, and one guy in particular, Donald. He took a shine to one of our party and one evening offered to show us a bar we had heard about. We were walking down the street and he asked me if I had a cigarette.

I know it is a disgusting habit, but I do smoke and I smoke roll ups, so I offered to roll him one.
I duely rolled him a cigarette and gave it to him. He smoked it and then about 5 minutes after smoking it, he turned to me and said
'Carol, I didn't like that shag you gave me, I am not going to ask for another'

What could I say? At first I was a bit dumb struck and then I realised 'shag' is what they call rolling tobacco!! All my friends and I cracked up laughing and we then had to explain to Donald what 'shag' meant in England. I am happy to say, he found it funny too!!


Caroline said...

Hmmm..... that's your story and you're sticking it to it! Eh Carol!

Actually - I love this. I teach linguistics and will nick it to use in my 'art of translation' and 'context is everything' lectures!


Carol said...

My lips are sealed

Carol said...

Course, the other good word is 'fag' Never ask an American if they have a fag!!! And there is pants and fanny. Oh don't get me started.............

gentlemanoracle said...

Very funny.

I love the wrod fanny it reminds me of lashings and lashings of gingerale.

I did post once but it didn't work but if it did and i'm posting again please ignore

Carol said...

Why does is remind you of lashings and lashings of gingerale? Pray tell, I am intrigued now!!!

Sharon J said...

Well that explains why I haven't had a shag lately, then!