Tuesday, October 10, 2006

5 Things Feminism has done for me.

That Shaz bird has tagged me so here goes.

1. Allowed me to divorce my husband AND have custody of my daughter.

2. Allowed me to have a career (?!! Lets not show THAT to the PERSONNEL department)

3. Allowed me to go to the personnel department and say 'Look there is a bloke doing the equvalent job and I want the same pay as him'!!

4. Allowed me to vote and own my own property

5 Allowed me to live a single life without being treated as some sort of odd ball on the shelf old spinster! Oh and to go without my bra when I waltz around Morrisons!!


Sharon J said...

You go bra-less around Morrisons? You hussy!

Carol said...

Yeah! And Sainbury and Tesco

Seriously, I do tend to wear a jacket over the top, there is nothing worse in public, than a woman with boobs that go east and west!!!!

Sharon J said...

Your lucky that yours go east and west. Mine go straight south!

Knowleypowley said...


I shall not comment on the above as it would not be politic!!


Caroline said...

Was going to comment, but feel I'm intruding - so I'll just say hi then bye x
BUT! Love the no bra thang :)