Friday, July 31, 2009

Bye Bye

Ahh my manager left today. She took Voluntary redundancy. I am going to miss her so much because she showed me what it was like having a good manager. Back to the old one now, oh what joy. Still I am a different person to the one he managed before and he could be in for a bit of a surprise.

So farewell Pauline, love you lots and I will be coming over to Spain so much you will end up barring me. I hope your retirement is everything that you want it to be. It's been 2 hours and I am missing you already. BIG KISSES XXX

Friday, July 10, 2009


Resident parking in Newham never ceases to amaze me.

The street I live in, Albert Square, has resident parking. 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, Ash Road, the street that runs parallel is the same except for the top half which is Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm.

A few residents in Albert Square have had a brush with the refuse lorry and other lorries that go down there, because although the road is not narrow narrow, it is a bit too narrow to accomodate lorries and careless drivers. As a consequence to this some people park with their tyres on the kerb stones.

Over a year ago warnings were placed on the cars informing them that in the future, if they put their wheels on any part of the pavement, they would be ticketed. A few residents phoned the council and explained the problems with the lorries and were told that they would be ok to park on the kerb stone.

Yesterday I went outside to find a penalty notice on my dad's car that had the tyres on the kerbstone. It had been there for over 2 weeks parked in the same place yet on Wednesday they ticketed it and all the other days they didn't, so I phoned Laurence Courtney at the council who, despite his protests that he wasn't, was a jobs worth.
According to the highway code, parking is not allowed on the pavement. Despite neighbours having their tickets cancelled in the past because they were only on the kerbstone until he catagorically told me I could park on the kerb then I couldn't. He demanded to know who had told us that we could park on the kerb so that he could 'personally discipline them', well I couldn't tell him because it wasn't me who phoned. But I am angry, because I suspect, either a new warden went along the road on Wednesday or Mr Courtney is new to the job and should have found out what we had been told and then sent out warnings again. The inconsistencies drive me mad.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Divvy Tuesday

I had the day off last Tuesday. I was meeting a friend. It was a boiling hot sunny day and as I was about to set off I saw my friends grandaughter.
My Car has air conditioning so I decided to turn the engine over and run the ac for a while. Usually I check that the car isn't in gear, on this divvy Tuesday, as I was distracted, I didn't! There I was chatting away, I reached into the car, inserted the key, turned the ignition and...................the car zoomed 3 feet forward and went BANG into the car parked in front of it. I felt sick, then a fool. I was parked in my street and the noise was horrendous. With trepidation, I got in the car reversed it back and to my amazement saw that the car I had hit didn't even have one little scratch. I looked at mine and the same. No damage. Phew. I did get my Dad and a friend to double check but luckily for me. No damage to either car.

I went off merrily to meet my friend we sat and had a nice meal. At the end of the meal I needed to 'powder my nose' so skipped off to the toilet. Entered the toilet and thought 'How funny, they have put a water feature in the toilet' It was a stainless steel water feature with water running down it.......but actually I was in the gents and it was the urinal! Luckily for me again, there were no men in attendance.

Tuesday was a definite 'head in the shed' day but it did make me laugh.