Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marbella Bollox!!!

My god, I watched the T.V last night. Marbella Belles! Belles? I think not. Listen I can swear like a fish wife at times, but that woman, er whatserface, well she can put me to shame. I have to watch it in open mouthed wonder at a bunch of women who are so far up their own arses I am surprised they haven't disappeared!!

One was complaining last night that the love of her life had left her for 'a 53 year old grandmother' mmmmm shouldn't that TELL you something about yourself? Or should it? So what if she was 53, so what if she was a grandmother? Looks like he still left you his BMW and the ability to pay £300 for a pair of Jimmy Choos. I have never seen such a bunch of materialistic old slappers in my life, the problem is, it is compulsive viewing for me.

I watch them because it makes me feel good about myself, despite being a size 20 and not nearly as well groomed as they are. I am glad I have to scrimp for a living, and am a 47 year old grandmother!!

Watch it and enjoy the exploits of

Just hands over ' TheBaybeee' to LinLin the au-pair. How sad she can't enjoy the lovely little boy. She has a cream dog to match her cream rug. Lets hope it doesn't piss on it then!! Come to think of it, lets hope Lin Lin doesn't let 'The Baybee' piss on the rug either or she will have to get someone to change the colour scheme for her! Oh and why does she use fake tan on her face while living in Marbella? She already has more wrinkles than my 80 year old mother anyway, so she can't use sun damage as an excuse.

Beauty salon owner, she lost '2 good men to friends'. Couldn't have been that good then eh? Her current boyfriend bought her a real Gucci diamond bracelet and guess what? She didn't realise it was real or so expensive, but despite that 'She has earned everyone of those diamonds' How? Pray do tell......................

6ft 2 inches of ....what? Asked a friend last night why she brought another friend along who got so drunk she was experiencing a 'Falaraki' moment, sent her packing in a taxi then did the same thing herself later. 'Works' as a cosmetic surgery co-ordinator and quite honestly, if looks are so important to her, should take advantage of the staff discounts!

Ohhhh I can't wait for next week!!!! Tuesdays 10pm ITV1 Meowwwwww!!

Pet Hates on a scale of 1-10

1. People who say they are going to do something, then don't! 10

2. Waking up to washing up 8

3. Unmade beds 6

4. People who pick food off my plate without being offered 10

5. Someone hogging the T.V remote in MY house 9

6. B.O on the tube 5

7. People who sit on a seat (Usually in a public place) but use the
seat to put their feet on and park their bums on the back 10

8. Driving with fog lamps on when it is not foggy 7

9. People who won't let you off a train/bus first 4

10. Tailgaters in the middle lane of a motorway
(there is a 3rd lane to overtake) 10

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bath? No Thanks

Well my shower blew up!! It was panic stations for a while as my lodger was on her own and it had tripped the RCD circuit, still with a little coaxing, she finally got the electricity back on so she could watch T.V

Then I had the problem of finding someone to fit a new one. I had managed to get a decent shower in Argos, but working in London and living in Crewe at weekends, I haven't got a portfolio of workmen. So I turned to the yellow pages. I tried quite a few numbers, quite frankly if they didn't answer the phone then I didn't leave a message. I eventually got an answer from a guy who didn't seem all that enthused about working on a weekend, but I left my number and forgot about it.

Saturday passed and no call. I had to have a bath!!! I hate baths, in fact it has been years since I have had one. So I asked a neighbour if they could recommend someone and got a number from them. Then Sunday the phone rang. It was the reluctant electrician I had rung earlier in the week. Could he pop over and take a look? So I said yes.

Well after getting lost twice, he turned up, took a look, asked to see the new shower then asked if I would like it fitted immediately? Yes please, I said, How Much? I was expecting a lot of money, it was Sunday after all........... His answer? £30 !!! So long as it was straight forward, which it was! I now have a new working shower, and although I took the mans number I didn't take his company name. He is going to get my business again. What a nice change to meet a genuine workman who does a good job. So if you are living in the Crewe area and want a sparks feel free to contact me.....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Deed Done

So that's it, my job has been advertised on the web page. Internal only, the only consession that the union managed to get for me. I have looked at it and then compared it to another job also advertised, they are both at the same grade but one is for a team leader (Fancy name for a supervisor) and mine is assistant manager. Seems the only thing I will gain from it is an appropriate job title.

Mostly what will happen when/if I apply is the loss of 12 option days holiday. I am seriously asking myself if it is worth it? The money stays the same assuming they will push my salary up the spine points, I won't get any back pay for the time I have been doing the role and quite frankly I am very dispondent. I feel I have been conned.

Still I have updated my CV I have loaded it on the job sites and if anyone would like to offer me a job, I will consider it!!! Travel would be nice, meeting people would be nice. Any reasonable offers considered.................................................Gis a job!!!