Monday, July 31, 2006

Squirrel nutkins new image

Ok Ok I know squirrels are classed as vermin now, if we catch one we are not supposed to release it back into the wild. They are just rats with lovely bushy tails, but we have a lot of them around and about at the university where I work.

I have just been sitting here in my office after a rather hectic day (End of the financial year!!) and one just popped into my open window. Sadly I had no nuts to offer, and I suppose I shouldn't really as it might chew the data/telephone cables but hey ho, it cheered up a rather dull day.

I rescued a baby one once. I did show it a tree but as it was so young it followed me and I eventually ended up taking it to my friend SHARON'S house and putting it in her tree, where it lived quite happily.

I could never kill one, I'd rather leave that to a stray cat that lives in the courtyard. So what am I supposed to do with it? In fact, if we are not supposed to release them back into the wild,what is anyone supposed to do with a resident squirrel? Answers on a post card..............................

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I went to Tatton Park on Saturday, for the RHS flower show. I have never been to one before and was convinced that I would come back with arms fulls of plants.

We were lucky actually, despite the bruv-in-laws car causing problems just outside of Crewe and us having to drive back to get my car, we went to Tatton Park via the A50 , which was completely empty. In fact, we drove over the M6 and looked down at all the traffic. We drove straight into Tatton, got parked and were there in time for opening.

It was mightily hot on Saturday, so some of the gardens were not as fresh, but there were definitely one or two I would have scooped up and built in my garden. The most popular place seemed to be the Coutry living marquee. I really wanted to have a good look around it, but only managed 5 minutes before I wanted to kill someone so we left.

Price wise, plants, gadgets and gismo's weren't that expensive, you had to keep and eye open for the best nursery exhibitors as some did tend to sell the straggly plants, but in general, the place was wonderful.

I did notice that one or two of the flower beds seemed to have a canal theme going on. I did take a few photo's with my 'antique' camera (35mm film) One day, I may learn how to upload photo's and add some.

Must mention the idiot who took his dog along and left the poor thing in the car. The announcer did say that the rangers were about to break his window to rescue the dog, lets hope they did as it was an expensive car. Serve the tosser right for taking the dog in that extreme heat. I just hope the dog was alright.

So would I do it again? Definitely, only I hope next time it is a tad cooler. I hate the humidity as I go around looking like a soaked tomato, but then my sister does too, so I didn't feel so self consious about it!! If anyone has any ideas on how to NOT look like a soaked tomato, I would be very grateful. Oh and I bought 2 plants. 2!!! And they were the same. I just hope the hot weather hasn't withered them this week.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big brother

I know I am a saddo, but I have watched Big Brother since it started. I must admit I haven't watched as avidly as before, but I did Friday.

I am sorry all you Nikki fans out there, but I couldn't stand her!! Those bloody tantrums were like watching my grandson and he is almost 3, in fact I'd go as far as to say, he is more mature than that!!!

Anyway, my point is this. When she came out of the house, had they primed the audience to cheer to make her feel better? She was told she was a very popular housemate blah blah blah. Oh Yeah? How come she got voted OUT of the house by Joe public if she was so popular? All that cheering just enforced her belief that throwing tantrums gets you what you want! No I am not sorry to see the back of her, lets hope she fades quietly into oblivion, although I suspect she won't. Hopefully we'll see the back of Jayne next :-)

Monday, July 17, 2006

First picnic in years

Oh what a wonderful weekend.

My daughter, along with her partner and (almost) 3 year old son came to stay with me this weekend, and as glorious weather was forcast, I decided to go to the peak district and have a picnic. A friend recommended the Dovedale area and thats how we found ourselves in Ilam

What a pretty little villiage it was, deep down in the valley. We parked the car in the country park, which is now run by the national trust (£2 for 2 hours parking and £4 for 4 hours and over). We found a nice shady spot under a tree and had a picnic. I haven't had a picnic for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After lunch, we went for a walk along the river and then over to the church. I could have stayed there all day, but I promised my daughter a ride around the peak district.

From there we took the 515 to Buxton and at this point I would like to give a special message to a particular 'driver' of a high powered silver car (Don't know the make but quite flash, 2 seats and probably only got 2 miles to the gallon out of it) When overtaking, please try to limit it to one car at a time and not on a hill with a bend in it and a cyclist struggling to get up and around it. Also, once past the car, please keep your eyes in front and try not to concentrate on your rear view mirror intent on calling ME names when the dick on your head is so obvious for all to see, oh and lastly, should you have a serious accident, please please please make sure you only injure/kill yourself and not some poor innocent road user that KNOWS how to drive safely. (although I am sure you KNOW how to drive safely, you just have a total disregard for those that wish to.) It's not cool to be reckless

Anyway, we got to Buxton in one piece, They had a carnival there this weekend, but we didn't stop. We took the Macclesfield road, branched off towards Congleton and saw the peak from a different angle. I really want to go back soon and explore some more little villiages tucked away there. I kinda liked driving the roads, sometimes I felt like I was on a big dipper.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breaking news! Breaking wind

I was having tea ( in a cafe) with a certain senior member of managment the other morning and out of the blue there was this huge rip roaring fart sound. It was the look of sheer fright on her face that made me laugh out loud. She said she never felt it coming and by the look of terror on her face I believe her.. I just thank god I wasn't sitting behind her.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moan moan moan

My dad has always said that the biggest crooks in this country are insurance companies and I have come to the conclusion he is right. They have you by the short and curlies all ways.

I am going on holiday on the 26th of October, I am also due to have my gall bladder removed, but despite the fact I booked my holiday in MAY 2005 and have had insurance since then (I discovered, free with my bank) I will not be covered for anything gall bladderish on my holiday. This presents a bit of a dillema really because on one hand, I MIGHT have something gall bladdery go wrong on holiday but then the other alternative is to cancel the holiday.

I have a friend who has a permanent medical condition, which, COULD threaten her life a lot easier than a gall bladder can threaten mine, but because she is not waiting for an operation, her travel insurance will cover her for her illness and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. TESCO quoted me £141 for a single trip!!! Bloody robbers!!!!

Anyway, what I have decided to do now, is postpone my operation until after my holiday and take a chance. I have pretty much got it under control with a low fat diet so I don't envisage too much of a problem. My free travel insurance with my bank isn't offering me any less cover than an expensive travel policy so I might as well use that.

Grenada here I come. Oh I can't wait!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mind the B.O

This is going to be short and sweet.

I went back to work this week. I work in London and the temprature has been sweltering as most of you know. I have been most grateful for my air conditioned office. In fact I have a very nice new office along with a radio.

Anyway, I was listening to LBC on Tuesday and a news bulletin came on saying that the tempratures were sooooo hot on the London underground that the staff would be giving out free bottles of water to passengers.

The thought that struck me most at that moment was basically, bollox to the bottles of water. London Underground staff should be giving out free aerosols of deodorant. I know it has been hot, but really, some people's body odour is so obviously more than a day old. Don't people wash their clothes and bodies anymore? I am not talking about tramps, I am talking about suited and booted people who have jobs to go to.

I am going to write to LUL and suggest that instead of putting bottled water posters up and giving them away free that they have sweet smelling days and anyone with BO gets told to BOG OFF and walk with their arms glued to their sides.

Please, people who use the tube, be kind to your fellow passengers and sniff yourselves before you venture out of your homes. Having to wear a peg on your nose, on the tube and in this heat is not on!!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cheeky lady

O.K Sharon wants you to know this story, so I will tell it.

As I have mentioned I recently had a medical emergency. Basically I have been suffering with my stomach for some time so after quite a few days of major discomfort I decided to take myself off to the local A & E. To be honest, I felt a bit guilty about it, I mean the A & E is for ill people isn't it? I felt like I was making a fuss, but got a friend to take me there anyway.

I got to see the doctor really quickly, it was 10.30pm on a Saturday night and, surprisingly, I was the only one waiting. She took a look, took some blood and then told me I was a 'bit yellow'. I had a blockage in my bile duct and I was going to have to be admitted. I was admitted with what I stood in, pajama's that had seen better days, no underwear, a waterproof jacket and my gardening shoes. The next bit is important so read on.

How many of you have been told by your mothers to make sure you are wearing clean underwear in case you have an accident? Well listen to her. I am going to add to that advice. If you ever have to go to A & E, take a little bag along with you that contains some underwear and your purse at least. I had NOTHING.

My friend, bless her, had been up for 24 hours and I could not have expected her to go back to my house and get some stuff, but I did ask her to pop in with some stuff the next day. In the meantime the hospital gave me one of those lovely gowns that gape open at the back, so I put it on and kept my PJ pajama bottoms on too.

I didn't get any stuff until I had been in the hospital for 2 days. Luckily for me, I have a friend that hates wearing knickers, but she at least bought me some.

One evening during a visit, the ward sister came to see me and tell me there was a telephone call for me. My Patientline thingy wasn't working, so I hopped off the bed and off I went to take it. I then heard all this sniggering and laughing. It was while I was at the phone I realised that my bum had been on view to all the other patients and all their visitors! Thank god I did have drawers on but believe me when I tell you it was still not a pretty site.

Ordinarily I would have been too embarressed to go back and face my audience but luckily 1. The nurse gave me another gown to wear the other way which covered up the gap and 2. I was just too ill to care anyway.

So Sharon, I have told the whole internet that I have flashed my knickers to complete strangers, and once I link my blog to yours, the whole internet will see you frequently go without knickers and then blame it on absent mindedness and that complete strangers have seen a whole lot more!!!

Here is a link to Sharon's blog. She's not a bad old stick really and can be quite amusing sometimes.

Anyway, that is my blog. Not really funny now, you had to be there, but then who knows, maybe you were!! If so, I apologise, I know it wasn't a pretty site, but I wasn't of sound body at the time.

Monday, July 03, 2006


I am back now after a little medical emergency. Time to blog.

I went to the Crick boat show this year, bloody hell, what a saga. I went M6, M1 then what happened? Got to the exit on the M1 to be informed the exit was closed! Bugger. I took it anyway and was informed by a nice policeman on the roundabout that due to a serious fire there was a divertion. So I took the diversion only to be diverted again and onto a huge queue! So it took me 2 hours to drive from Crewe to Northampton then another 2 hours from the turn off to the marina, which by the way was a mud bath!!

Anyway enough moaning. I LOVED it. There were boats everywhere (surprise surprise) I specifically wanted to see the Big Fish narrow boat co's boat as they look nice but as it was the only one not to offer me plastic covers for my boots so I didn't bother. I caught up with it on Waterworld this weekend.

The place was packed, I took my grandson along (He's 3) and all he was worried about was getting his face painted. So after making that our first priority, I took him to look at some boats. He likes them, but as I am determined to turn him into a narrowboating gardener, thats all well and good anyway. I must admit the choice was breathtaking. Big ones, little ones, all with mod cons. I looked at one in particular and was going to go to their open day near me, but my health intervened. So some other time for that.

I have to say, even if you don't like boats, go to the Crick boat show. The jazz band were excellent (Ask my dancing grandson), the boats wonderful, and the people friendly. I will go again next year and maybe I'll see you there.