Thursday, October 19, 2006


I love books. I favour a particular genre but mostly I will read anything, so long as it grips me from the beginning.

I am reading one at the moment. I won't name it or the author. Surfice to say, it has huge poster advertisements on the London Tube. It started off really well, but now I have had to put it down.

One of the characters, a big tough policeman who has spent his 40 odd years avoiding relationships because he just doesn't want one, has now met a suspect, kind of taken her on one date and thinks he is falling in love with her! Am I unromantic? I can understand he might lust after her because he thinks she is very attractive, but fall in love with her?

It has killed all credibility for me now and I have just skimmed the pages and put it down.

I do write occassionally, but I get embarrassed about people reading what I write so I usually just bin it. I am in no position to critisize anyone's writing, but I do wish authors would make it a little more realistic.

Anyway, all you romantics out there. Leave me a message and prove me wrong. Restore my faith in human nature and tell me your love at first sight stories and then maybe I will pick the book up again and finish it.


Sharon J said...

I have heard of love at first sight but I'm not sure I believe in it. Surely you have to get to know a person first before you can fall in love? At least, the man/woman kind of love (sorry, that's a bit discriminatory towards gays but you know what I mean). I wouldn't let it ruin an otherwise good book for me, though.

Carol said...

Thats the problem, it's all gone down hill from there. Shame, I paid fop that one. LOL

Caroline said...

I reckon that you should bin the book! And I hate hyped books - because people think that they should like them. I read one recently and the plot had huge holes in it! But it was on the bestsellers - really it was awful! But like you - I hate to say bad things about people writing (eventhough I just have???). I fear karma!