Monday, October 16, 2006


I have just come from Les's blog and there is a mention there of Eastenders, so I thought I would do this little blog.

My parents live in Albert Square. It is in Stratford, East london and is not a square at all, more like an L shape. There used to be a pub on the corner (Now flats) and when I was a child it was called the Albert House.

During the early days of Eastenders (BBC, far too often!) there would be all sorts of people walking aimlessly around gazing at the houses, they were mostly foreigners and seemed to be looking for Dot Cotton and Pauline Fowler!! One Spanish girl got really upset when I told her it was filmed in a studio. My parents have been on the telly for a BBC documentary called 'The real Eastenders' and the last publican to own the pub as a pub, renamed it......... The Queen Vic!
(That's original, don't you think?!!)

It's mostly little old terrace houses, with some bigger Victorian ones and a few newer ones as it got bombed during the war. It is nothing like Eastenders on the T.V, mainly because the T.V version doesn't have that many ethnic characters in it! It is now the home to Pakistani's, afro Caribbeans, Africans, Indians and lots of Eastern Europeans. Real life. So BBC Take note.

I still live there Monday to Friday so kept my GP in London. When I was admitted to Leighton Hospital in Crewe, I had to give the address I was registered at with my GP. It caused great hilarity along with my cockney accent to the nursing staff, who informed me there was a woman from Coronation Street along the ward!!

I don't watch Eastenders at all these days, mainly because I live in the REAL Albert Square and the T.V version bores and disappoints me.

Mind you, I do look a bit like Pat..............................................


Caroline said...

You don't look anything like Pat.
I don't watch Eastender's anymore - not since little Dennis was killed off. I liked him.

Sharon J said...

Caroline. You haven't seen her when she gets her dangly earrings out!

Knowleypowley said...


Cannot comment as I have never watched Eastenders, (though I do enjoy hearing Terry Wogan, teeliing us what is going on in Albert Square)

Carol said...

I don't wear dangly ear rings for that very reason! I was more like Pat before I lost weight and changed the peroxide to hi-lites!! LOL. Knowley I like Terry Wogan too but more often than not, I am not up in time so have to run around getting ready for work!!!

Sharon J said...

Terry Wogan? Nah... gimme Steve Wright any day. He's da man!

gentlemanoracle said...

You look nothing like Pat or maybe a little when she was younger and beutiful. If you've seen grumpy old women you will know from the credits. (it's my fave programme in the world, GOW not Enders.)

Saying that when i was at the uni of herts Pam lived in the nearest house to campus, at the end of a dirt track, with her girlfriend and she is the loveliest woman you could hopw to meet.

So not a bad comparison really. You jkust need to age twenty years or so.