Thursday, October 12, 2006


Oh 2 weeks to go!!! And this is where I will be!

Seeing Plenty of these

Doing lots of this

And This

I am hoping to see lots of these

Hopefully I won't see any of these

But I don't mind these

And for the first time in my life I am going to go with these.

And I just know my big bum is gonna get me in trouble !!!


Knowleypowley said...


It looks divine. Have a wonderous holiday

Caroline said...

I want to come!

Carol said...

Oh I can't wait. I booked this holiday in May 2005!! And I am staying at THAT hotel (pool) and it is on THAT Beach.

All are welcome, the more the merrier!!!

Sharon J said...

The sunset looks fantastic!

Send me a card, ok? Yes... do it! No excuses.

Carol said...

I will bring it home with me!! Better still, I will get up really early one morning (Shouldn't be difficult, I will be 5 hours ahead, means I will be up at 3am every morning!) take a sunrise and then a sunset pic. I may even get Kim to take pics of me 'Shakin' my ass'!!!

Pink Pyjamas said...


I hope you enjoy your holiday but I also hope that you're aware you'll be responsible for creating more than 1.5 tonnes of CO2? Assuming you haven't already paid extra by booking your flight through a carbon neutralising company, I hope you're intending to offset your carbon output by planting more trees, or offering a donation to an environmental care trust.

I'm sure you're intelligent enough to realise that the inheritance you leave behind stretches far beyond property and other material assets and will do whatever's necessary to ensure that your family are left with a planet they can enjoy.

Carol said...

I am and I do.