Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hot date destination

Ok Guys, I know Sharon J has told you to watch out for this. I found it hilarious.

One day, on holiday, Kim and I got back to our room to a message from reception.
'Scotty came to see you and has left his number'
Kim and I looked at each other, as we hadn't a clue who Scotty was.
Kim phoned the reception, and as she was talking. I heard her ask, 'Oh was he an old guy?'
The penny dropped. On the flight over, we had got talking to an elderly gentleman in the seat in front. He was Grenadian and spent six months in the UK and six months in Grenada as he has retired from the UK. He was a lovely old gent, so we telephoned him and made a date to meet for breakfast the next morning.

The next morning, Scotty duely arrived and off we went for a Caribbean breakfast. While we were sitting eating he suddenly came onto Kim BIG STYLE!!! He turned from lovely old gent into letchy old codger!! But I must admit that he was funny with it.

After being told by Kim that she had a boyfriend and was in fact planning to get married in September, he then turned his attentions to me!!! (Story of my life guys, always second best!!! LOL)

He asked me if I would like to go out with him for the day and that he would phone 'Miss Rosalyn' to see if she had two tickets for the bus.

I politely asked him where it was he was thinking of taking me, thinking that it might be a nice island trip, or a visit to the local rum or cocoa plantation. He leant forward and said.
'To a funeral'

I didn't know what to say, so I repeated 'A Funeral?' He nodded, he was going to take me to a funeral.

I just burst out laughing. I told him I had no intention of going to a funeral whilst on holiday, even though I knew they were a right old knees up in the Caribbean.

So there you have it. That was my hot date destination. Now I am going to tag Sharon J, Knowleypowley, Caroline and Gentleman Oracle to tell me their outrageous date destinations.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Away again

I am off air for a few weeks from today. I am sure that Sharon J will keep you posted or at least let me use her comp when I am up and about. Speak to you soon. Love you all xxx

It's official

Well guys, take a look at this

She says I am uneducated so I must be mustn't I?

I say, she should go back to the mental hospital she has obviously escaped from.

Poor Mr Pink Pyjamas

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mi Hacienda - Grenada

Well people I am back and I am soooo depressed. I rarely want to return to a country as I would like to travel everywhere, but I could go back again and again and again.

The people are so generous and friendly. The night life is not rocking, but I am quite happy to chill out with a book and enjoy an evening out for a meal and a drink.

My travel companion, Kim, is different. She likes to rave until the wee hours, so in that respect she was a little bored.

One day, we were at the beach and we got talking to these two older Grenadian women, Pat and Brenda. Kim was moaning about the fact that there didn't seem much to do, so they offered to come and collect us the next day and take us to brunch at a place called Mi Hacienda.

Brenda's husband used to be a great trade unionist and politician and she had class, she had been friends since childhood with a lady called Merle who had retired back from the U.K. It was her restaurant/hotel/spa that Pat and Brenda took us to. The place was truely beautiful, all chrystal glasses white linen and silver cutlery and as Kim and I walked in, there was a steel band playing. The view, as you can see, from the veranda was spectacular.

I am an East London girl and in all my life I have never been to such a lovely restaurant. We were wined and dined, the steel band played and we were treated like royalty. Kim and I were a little worried, but I had brought my credit card as a precaution. Once the meal was over, we offered Brenda and Pat some money towards the cost and were told, no, it was their treat. In fact, Brenda had got Merle to open the place for us. I have never received such hospitality and friendship in a Caribbean country and we could not thank them enough. They were all true real ladies and I especially thank the English couple who ran the restaurant for Merle, as they worked very hard to make us feel welcome.

I called Pat yesterday, and she was so happy to hear from me, she told me, that as long as she was alive, I would always be welcome to stay at her house if I ever visit the island again. That is something I will definitely do.

Pat and Brenda, if you ever read this. Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou, you gave Kim and I the most memorable day. For as long as I live I will not forget the great company and the generosity you showed us. As the Grenadians say. 'See you in a while'

A present for everyone else

Blue skies and little fluffy clouds. Nice thoughts and greetings

Sharon. Yours is in my rucksack!!!

A special Present for Pink Pyjama's

This one is an extra special present for you. It comes from a sustainable source, is environmentally friendly and is a great source of income for the indigenous population.
Instructions on use.

Put it in your mouth, take a great big suck, inhale and feel the happy thoughts flood your senses.
Guaranteed not to cause carbon emissions.

Presents for everyone!!!

Caroline this is for you

Knowley , this is for you GO This is for you

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hi Guys

Here I am blogging from Grenada. Yes Pinky pj's I am being totally selfish and lazing under a palm tree, and if you think this country is full of poor people let me tell you, I am the one being exploited!! They sure know how to turn a dollar here!!

The Grenadians are fatastic people, Grenada is absolutely beautiful. I am being a good girl and not shaking my booty too much. Ha Ha Ha

Miss you all without exception (I like a challenge) I will be back soon with some gorgeous photo's and maybe even a gorgeous husband! LOL