Saturday, March 09, 2013

Never rains.....

It pours. My daughter has been really quite ill recently, she has been under the care of a cardiologist, although her problem isn't really a heart one, he has been very thorough and arranged for her to have a stress test. This involves a treatmill, or as a friend who has done one calls it, a dreadmill. But as she is in the middle of quite a serious flare up she has been dreading it.

To add insult to injury, the Brompton hospital where she had a tilt test, has contacted her and her GP and advised that she needs to wear surgical stockings up to her waist, but the GP has refused to treat her until she sees the cardiologist at the end of April. This is the same GP who insisted I didn't have gallstones until 18 months later, I ended up in hospital with one blocking my bile duct, and who had told me all through the previous 18 months that there was nothing wrong with me, despite horrendous acid and vomitting. Who when my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, refused to give her a referral to Macmillan. Something that horrified the hospital doctor when she was dying. As a consequence, Christine has started going to the drop in centre, where she has found a doctor willing to prescribe muscle relaxants and pain killers to help her cope with the symptoms she is suffering with the POTS.

Last week, P, her husband, got a large swelling in his calf. A trip to A & E revealed a clot in a varicose vein, so not life threatening, but he too needs to rest his leg. Nanny (me) has been on hand to take the kids to school and pick them once or twice, and being Nanny, a trip to eat out after school. Thankfully I have a sympathetic boss, but I did contact HR first to make sure they were aware of the situation.

This week, Christine went for her appointment for the 'dreadmill'. She could hardly stand long enough to wait for the lift, but got to the hospital where the cardiologist could see she would not be able to participate. One of her symptoms make her exercise intolerant, so thankfully he refused to do the test and has arranged for her to have a dye test and MRI scan instead. He is just playing it safe to make absolutely sure that the condition isn't a heart one, which is very reassuring.. He seemed quite non plussed that her GP has refused to offer any treatment, so is going to arrange the test quickly and see if he is able to bring his appointment forward.

I am pleased to say, Dads health is o.k so I don't have any pressure there. But I am feeling as if I am being pulled in all directions at the moment.

Slowly slowly things are moving forward.

In 2 weeks I am off on a canal boat holiday with 2 friends. We will be travelling up the Trent and Mersey canal hoping to get to Penkridge. I don't for one minute think we will be as lucky with the weather as we were last March, but what are waterproofs for anyway? Besides, I think there is something really comforting about being able to cruise in the countryside in wet/cold weather and then relax in a warm toasty boat, with all mod cons at the end of a days cruise. I need to relax and although at times, it is hard work, I do find boating very relaxing. And that, at the moment, is just what I need.