Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Update on the Work thing

I wasn't going to blog about this until all had been resolved, but with me being off sick until at least the middle of February I thought what the hell.

Sometime back I put in for a regrade at work. My official job title is Telecoms Supervisor, but for the last 2 years, I have taken on lots more resposibility and assist the Telephone Services manager, which in my book, makes me an assistant Telephone Services manager.

So, what happened? Well HR decided they were going to look at everyones salary grade and decided I needed to be downgraded to pay scale 4 (same as the senior telephonist) instead of the 5 I was on. Oh that was alright, they said, I was salary protected! Which I was. Trouble was when I appealed and told them that my actual job was NOTHING like the description for telephone supervisor, I was told I would have to apply for a regrade.

Well last February my manager and me did just that. After going backwards and forwards to her manager and him adding MORE work to the description and then the director finally approving it, off it went to HR.

Finally, after returning from Grenada, my manager sat me down and told me the news!!!

HR had approved the job description!!
HR had approved the job title change!!!

But HR had deemed it a new vacancy and it was going to be advertised and I would have to apply for the job with anyone else who wanted it!
I must admit. I cried.

Then hear the rest!

The salary was set at pay scale 5 - The same salary I was on, but with an increment a year after I started the job, assuming I got it!

I would have to sign a new contract which would NOT include 12 'option' days holiday- Which I WAS prepared to give up

As it was a new post, there would be no back pay for all the time I have been doing it- Assuming I get the job!!

So basically is it worth applying for? Wouldn't I just be better off looking for a job that will incorporate my new skills and pay me a proper salary? What happens to my current job, if I apply and DON'T get it?
To add insult to injury, a person doing an equivilent job, who had his salary downgraded to a 4, got his reinstated to a grade 5 when he appealed, whats more, he had a job title and description change and DIDN'T have to apply for his job!!!

Maybe they are trying to tell me something?
Maybe being off sick is giving me too much time to think.

So I have the union looking at it now. I will let you know. Can anyone give me a job please?!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Four Things Me Me

Ha I have been tagged. Am I sad or what?

Four jobs I have had
1. Data input clerk
2. Bar Maid
3. Telephone supervisor
4. Assist Telephone services manager

Two places I have lived (Sorry)
1. London
2. Crewe

Four favorites foods
1. Chicken Biryani
2. Smoked salmon fillets
3. Spaghetti with Pesto sauce
4. Roast lamb with cauliflower, cabbage, mashed parsnips and roast potatoes

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. LayerCake
2. Shirley Valentine
3. Railway Children
4. Jason and the Argonauts

Four TV Shows I watch
1. Casualty
2. Catherine Tait
3. CSI
4. Dr Who

Four Places I have visited
1. Turkey
2. Norway
3. St Lucia/Jamaica/Grenada
4. Kefalonia

Four places I want to visit
1. Thailand
2. Crete
3. Florence
4. Canada

Four Websites I visit when I am able
1. Hotmail
2. My Blog and associated bloggers
4. Any canal/narrowboat sites

No tags from me, I know it is the rules, but it's Christmas.

Things I need to get better at

1. Saying goodbye to people. Even if there is a remote chance I will see them again. Not people I see on a regular basis, but people I meet and get to know and like

2. Crying in front of others. I would rather lock myself in a toilet

3. Telling someone that they have hurt my feelings

4. Asking for help

5. Ironing as soon as I get it and not wait until the day before a holiday!

6. Not being surprised at human nature and taking it personally

7. Starting conversations with people I don't know

8. Speaking in public

9. Exercising

10. Sticking to my guns I am sooooo easily persuaded!!

I am not tagging anyone. Ha! Fat chance over the Christmas period. Sad as I am, I am taking advantage of having a computer in the house while I babysit Kai!!! If you want to do it, feel free.

Decisions Decisions

Well we are hurling towards Christmas and I am hurting a bit both Physically and mentally.

I cannot go into to detail here, but I have been let down by someone and the worst of it is, I have spent 2 nights stressing that they are alright at a time when I need it least because they have not been honest with me. Still I have put my mind at rest by at least checking with their local hospital, so they won't be able to use that as an excuse.

I am meant to go and see them, and have spent quite a bit of money in travel expenses. I can add to that expense by saying F*** it and getting some accommodation, after all, they are not the only reason to visit and there are people in the area who I can also go and see. I am not worried about being on my own. After being fussed over, the thought of being on my own for a few weeks is quite nice.

On the other hand, I am being a bit negative at the moment and think, supposing I get bored? I must admit, after being single for so long I am very happy with my own company and can chill with a book, music and TV. I certainly do not have a problem getting about and do possess a full driving license. Maybe I should use it as a spring board to travel the world and see how I get on!!!!

Mostly it will depend on how I feel physically. I am still in occassional severe pain and am quite exhausted. In fact, when I mentioned to my doctor how exhausted I felt she looked at me as if I were mad for even questioning it!! I lay the blame squarely on my friends who have had the same operation keyhole and told me I would be up and about after 3 weeks!! Yeah right!!!! :-)

So should I stay or should I go

Over to you....................

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hi People.
I am just blogging to say I hope you all have a great Christmas and prosperous New Year.

I am quite well, still having some pain as the muscles knit, and the down side is wider hips as I am unable to walk as fast and as far as usual.

Sharon J, bless her cottons, brought me to London at the weekend so I will be here until the 4th of January. I am spending Christmas day with Christine, Petrus and Kai and then boxing day with my Mum and Dad.

I am looking forward to the New Year, sadly I cannot reveal why publicly but those of you who know Sharon can email her and she will tell you!!!

Have a great one everyone and I will be back in 2007

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hi Everyone!!!

Helloooooo all, thanks for all your best wishes, it was really lovely of you all. I was at Sharons and she showed them to me and I was really really chuffed. Thanks.

Well I have a bloody HUGE scar, but on a positive note, I am far too fat to wear a bikini so it doesn't really matter. What matters, is the blasted Gall Bladder is gone and I am under strict instructions NOT to return to work until I have seen the consultant which will be on the 16th of March so I have plenty of time off work. I would say yippee, but I know that after Christmas I will probably get bored. Still I will be able to drive by then, so I will spend a lot of time at the garden centre's. I found some on the way to Tatton Park this year that I wanted to have a nosey at.

I would like to say a special public ta, to Sharon J, R, Barbara, Linda, and Christine for making me sit down or just generally running around after me.

Speak to you all soon.