Friday, September 01, 2006

Thomas without makeup and the blind folded Nude

We saw Thomas the tank engine!! He wasn't wearing his T.V makeup though, at least, that's what we told Kai. The unfortunate thing was, we only missed him by a few days. After our horse drawn canal ride, we sauntered off to Llangollen train station. They run trips to Carrog, the coaches are pulled (usually) by a nice old steam train. I don't remember them, but that chuff chuff chuff reminds me of the railway children. Kai loved it, he was very excited when he heard it coming and kept asking where the fat controller was! Thomas and friends are back at Llangollen from the 21st-29th of October should you wish to go and see them. Must mention the 3 trendy blokes who sauntered onto the platform trying to look disinterested and macho. The smiles on their faces after seeing the steam engine was classic.

Our next stop was Chirk castle, situated, would you believe, in Chirk. It's owned by the national trust now.
Nice castle, you can look around a lot of the rooms, be sure to look up as some of the ceilings are stunning. The guides tell you not to take photo's, but just wait for them to look the other way. Two things of note,
1. Christine swears she got a photo of a ghost and some 'orbs' I will supply you with it should you wish to contact me and leave a contact email address
2. This statue, can someone tell me why it is blindfolded?
Or am I being thick? (Ha that wouldn't surprise me!!)

Some area's of the castlle have people dressed in costume and there is a little area where the children can make candles and dress up in armour, which Kai did. There is also a kitchen where you can get information about the herbs they used to use and a jar of leeches to look at.

I loved the gardens too, it was definitely worth the entrance fee.

Next we are off to The boat museum, so stay tuned.


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