Monday, September 11, 2006

Subconsious Memory

Sudden unexpected LOUD aircraft noise terrifies me. It terrifies me to the point that I want to lie flat on the floor and cover my eyes and ears. I had no idea why until one day unpacking shopping from the car with my Dad, a private jet flew low overhead (It had abandoned it's landing at City airport and was flying around for another go) I suddenly crouched down low behind the car covered my ears and put my head down. Because I had done it, instinctively my Dad ducked also.

After it flew over (Safely) my dad looked at me as if I was mad, I must admit that, by then, I was feeling a bit silly, but I just shrugged and said, I had no idea why, but sudden loud aircraft noise terrified me to the point that I wanted to throw myself on the floor and hide.

He then went on to tell me, that when I was 2 he had taken me to an airshow at Farnborough. He is an ex RAF man and has a passion for aircraft. He was telling me that at the show this huge loud Jet came roaring onto the runway whilst I had my back to it. Part of the display was to roar in, touch the runway and then zoom off again. Which it did, so by the time I had turned around there was nothing there, yet all the while the engines were making a terrific noise. He then told me, I got on the floor holding my ears and screamed and screamed and screamed.

I actually don't remember that incident at all, but obviously my subconsious does! It explained a lot, but sometimes even now when I am taken off guard, it still terrifies me. The roar of a fighter jet engine just roots me to the spot and I will sometimes cover my ears and eyes. If I see it coming, I am o.k. If I can hear it but not see it, I am a gibbering wreck. Once I know what it is, then I love to watch it fly over, assuming I have picked myself up from the floor in time!!!


Knowleypowley said...


My son can relate to your feelings, exactly the same thing happened to him at an air show and it scared him to bits.

Very frighteneing, so thanks for sharing with us

Sharon J said...

And you were gonna come to an airshow with us last week? We'd have had a nervous wreck in the car with us on the way home!

I took my youngest to an airshow when she was about 3 months old. She was sound asleep in her pram when an F16 jet came and did a low pass. I'd never seen a baby jump like that before and I swear that's why she's a bit mutton now!

Carol said...

I would have been alright at an airshow, I knew what was coming. But do you remember that time we were walking along the canal and that fighter jet came over really low. I was rooted to the spot until I saw what it was !!! LOL

Sharon J said...

Can't say I remember it, no, but I do remember a whole bunch of fighter jets using our boat as target practise!

Carol said...

Yeah I remember that! It was just after our troops went in to Afganistan and I rang my Dad to see if war had been declared!! We then figured that they were flying night practises and probably using our boat as an imaginary target!!

Sharon J said...

'Twas a bit scary, that night! Good job we were chilled ;-)