Friday, September 29, 2006

This Is Bill

Well everyone, this is Bill. Bill is my brother-in-laws brother (sisters hubby) and I have known him since I was 10.

He is probably the only male friend I have these days. And he is a true good friend. He's a letchy old git, politically incorrect. But who cares?!

I don't get to see much of him because he lives in Canada, but he is visiting his old stomping ground of Dagenham as his Mum is very ill.

We met up last night and had a meal and a beer and then got the tube home. On the train he was stroking my hair and tickling my neck, something that anyone of my friends will tell you I LOVE.

I must admit we were getting some funny looks as it would seem that public displays of affection on the London tube are something to be gawped at. We did have a laugh though!!

Bill lets hope Vi will have a peaceful time of it, she deserves it after all these years. Love ya lots xxx


Avus said...

thanks for visiting my blog for "free hug" Carol - you can now pass on a real one to Bill!

Knowleypowley said...

All the best to bill and his mother

Sharon J said...

I seem to remember a time when a little more than friendship was on young Billy's mind ;-)

Carol said...

Thanks Avus, Thanks Knowley.
Possibly Sharon. We once went over Wanstead flats, parked up in his van somewhere dark and quiet, looked at each other and both burst out laughing!! I think we have got beyond that now, besides he's in lurve!! LOL

Sharon J said...

That's a scary number of years ago!

Bill said...

Carol Don't tell the world we was in a Newham van You allway's have a peice off my heart and my friendship look after yourself and hopfully we will come and see me in Canada Luv from me to you Bill

Carol said...

I haven't told the world we were in a Newham van. You have!!! You too have a piece of my heart and I will visit you in Canada. Once I have got the wedding over with!!!