Monday, September 11, 2006

Tagged for memories

I presume I am doing the right thing, but I have been tagged by my best friend Sharon J (Ha! Clank to me) and so now I am racking my brains for some childhood memories. I have no idea how I am going to tag someone else, but I will have to do that someother time as I only know Sharon and Knowley well enough.

Anyway, Childhood.

Right, for years we used to go to Warners holiday camps (They used to allow kids then) and one camp we went to regularly was at Dovercourt. Just before tea time, the local stables used to bring horses into the camp so that we could have horse rides, but obviously they were chargable.

Most of the time, I would be on my own not really having a clue where my parents were. I know that sounds awful, but this was the 60's and we were in a gated camp so they were probably in the bar playing afternoon bingo.

One time really sticks in my head. I had been in the playground and in came the horses. I didn't have a clue where my Dad was so just stood in the middle of the grass and called for my Dad at the top of my voice. It had been a rather grey day with rain and thunder so there wasn't anyone about outside. I stood a long way away from the dance hall and there I was just shouting at the the top of my voice calling for my Dad. After about 5 minutes he just appeared and I was thrilled that he had heard me. I really thought he had. Course many years later, I was recalling that incident and he just laughed when I asked him how he had heard me. His reply was that he hadn't, but he had seen the horses come in as he was playing bingo and knew I would want a horse ride. Bleeding obvious I suppose but then I thought it was magic !!!!!


Knowleypowley said...


Loved the story - guess I'm going to have to write something from my childhood now (trouble is, as I get older, the grey cells seem to diminish)

Sharon J said...

Come on Knowley... it's time you got started on your memoirs. I think Carol should have tagged you too, then you'd be double tagged and have no way of getting out of it!