Friday, September 15, 2006

Big White lies

I telephoned my nephew yesterday. He has just turned 24 and has moved into a 2 bed flat in Paignton. That got me thinking about a holiday I went on at Pontins in Paignton with Sharon and her parents.

I suppose we were about 15 and used to tell everyone we were twins (Ha the terrible twins) we didn't look alike but were roughly the same build and both dark haired. Sharon hasn't got a sister, my sister is 8 years older than me, so we became sisters. The thing was, a lady staying in a chalet opposite us started to ask a lot of questions. She collared Sharons Mum, asking all sorts of questions about what it was like having twins.

Among those questions were:
What was it like giving birth to twins?
Well how was Sharons's Mum to know!!! We spent our days gallivanting here there and everywhere, but one days we came back from our travels to be told by Sharons Mum that she was going to 'kill us two' But all said in a joking manner of course.

She had sat down outside the chalet for some R & R and this lady had sat with her and started giving her a Spanish Inquisition about being the mother of twins. To save our faces, she had lied most admirably, going into great detail about the trials and tribulations of being the mother of twins. She even described our birth to the nosy woman. In fact, she found the whole thing a great wind up and would tell us daily about any other questions the lady had presented her with and what stories she had told her so we could back HER up!

She's great is Sharons Mum, Sheila. I could dedicate a whole blog to some of the things she did for and to us and us to her. She really seemed on our wavelength, especially at that age, and at times would get really mad at us for all of about...............30 seconds. She even displayed a poster of Peter Phipps (Glitterband) on the living room wall when Sharon and I went through our pop idol stage. In fact I think I will tag Sharon ( and get her to tell some more of her Mum's exploits.

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Sharon J said...

It's a good job I came over here because I don't go to "The Block & Back" very often being as it isn't my main blog so probably wouldn't have known I'd been tagged for a while. Not that you wouldn't have survived that but... well, I like to get these things out to the way (she says but has yet to actually write any tagged 'mum' stories). I'll give it some thought and let you know when they're posted.

I do remember the twins business. In fact, I wrote a post for "Round The Block & Back" about that but forgot to post it. I'll have to dig it out (assuming I still have it, of course). I also wrote one about that bird who collared my dad for her train fare - the one we met at the Glitterband gig in Torquay.

I'm glad I had the mum I had. She was strict but fair and always tried to see things from my point of view as well as her own. Can't say I knew many other mothers back then who did that.