Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm on one now!!

Thats' it. I have just popped over to Sharons blog and she has really got me on one now.

We went to the same secondary school...................Er actually I think I ought to re-phrase that. We played truant in the same park and went to the same school now and again. In fact. One school report once included a report from the art teacher that read: 'Carol Christian? I don't think I know who she is!' We had silly cheap report books by then, which were stapled together and I ripped that page out!

Anyway, I digress. I had this terrific form teacher, Les Smith, (Sadly deceased) who also taught our biology class. For some reason this lesson was a double period but with an afternoon break in between the periods. He was a biker I believe and not at all judgemental. During the afternoon break, he would lock Sharon and I in the classroom, so we could smoke a fag (A terrible habit I still have, and one Sharon hasn't) and THAT'S where we used to nick the writing books from to write our naughty Glitterband stories in!! Anyway, he knew I was a terrible truant, so more often than not, he would mark my name down during registration so the school board man wouldn't call.

My mum used to work, so if Sharon and I weren't at Greengate Park, then we would go back to my house. One day though, one of the neighbours told my Mum I seemed to be spending an awful lot of time at home and she went balistic!!! She rang the school and made an appointment to see the head of year and my form teacher.

The day of the appointment came and I was dragged into school by my Mum. I sat down with the head of year, Mrs Smith and my form teacher, Mr Smith (No relation, I'll call him Les from now on) and my Mum then demanded to know why she hadn't been informed about my 'absenses'. At this point Les looked very sheepish, because he had been marking me in. The head of year took the register, looked across at my name, and there I was, Present everyday!!!

I can still see the look of terror on his face, but I thought, as he hadn't got me into to trouble, I wouldn't get him into trouble, so I told them I had been coming in to get my mark and then skipping out of school!! The look of relief on his face was amazing!

I have to confess, it didn't stop me playing truant. It did for a while as I was put on report and had to get my timetable signed every lesson. But ultimately I was bored there. I had far more fun over the park!! Sometimes, we even went out with a mate of ours who was a delivery driver and go all over the place with him. It still makes me smile, but I did do my nut when Christine played truant!! Oh well!!!!


Sharon J said...

I remember having to go to a maths class after being caught bunking off, and not having a clue which class I was supposed to be in. When I walked in, the teacher told me that as I'd missed a full term's tuition, he didn't want me there. Suited me! I spent the lesson sitting in the sun on the quad, instead.

Can you imagine getting away with half of what we got away with in school nowadays? Old Smithy would have been out on his ear and our parents would have faced huge fines and possibly even prison! At least with LM being educated at home, she couldn't bunk off!

Knowleypowley said...

Wonderful story Carol. The only time I ever bunked off school was in the fifth form and then my geography teacher saw me in town, reported me to the Head and when I got back to school the following day, got 6 strokes of the cane.

Made me what i am today, the stutter and twitching only happens once in a while!!

Carol said...

believe me when I tell you I got caught going out of school many a time by a teacher. Not one of them ever followed it up after we turned into a comprehensive school.

Sharon J said...

That's right. It seemed everybody stopped caring once the school went comprehensive. Teachers, pupils, nobody took the place seriously anymore.