Monday, September 25, 2006

A little electrical advise anyone?

This is a serious blog, I am starting to think I MAY have a ghost in the house. I have thought it for a while but am continually trying to find rational explanations.

It's not that I don't believe in ghosts, I do, I just don't want one in my house. Well not one I don't know anyway. But I do need some electrical advise. Maybe someone out there can tell me I am not going mad and it all has a perfectly logical/electrical explanation.

I have smoke alarms called Fire angels They are bloody good. They fit into the light socket and then the bulb fits into them. They charge up their own little internal battery if the mains electric fails, but mostly with the light on for an hour a week, they are charged and I don't have to worry about fitting batteries.

They are easy to test. I flick the light on and then off immediately and when you hear 3 beeps twice, I then know the smoke alarm is in good working order.

So there I am, Sunday morning, in the land of nod. Sharon had come over the night before and left about 2.45am so it must have been getting on for 10am when suddenly I got rudely awakened by the smoke alarm going off in my porch downstairs. I jumped out of bed and opened the bedroom door, had a sniff, no smell of smoke. I then realised it was going through it's test mode, i.e someone must have turned the light on, then off again. So as I live alone and being half asleep I ran downstairs (I'm brave when I am semi comatosed) and opened the porch door. I say porch, but it is a hallway about the size of a porch but is indoors. No-one there and the light switch is in it's off position.

I went to the kitchen and noticed how dark it was outside and then heard a rumble of thunder. 'Oh'! thinks me 'It's probably some kind of electrical glitch' and I thought no more about it. Then as I started to wake up, I began to give it some serious thought. My house is only 7 years old and the electrical system is very modern with RCD fuses blah blah, so surely if there had been some kind of surge, wouldn't the switches have tripped? The clock on the cooker was correct, so no power failure there.

Anyway, I put it to the back of my mind, then this morning, I went into the kitchen and the toaster is on 1. The setting on it is digital and it's usually left on 7. The only time it goes onto 1 is when it has been unplugged or the electric socket switched off. Naughty me, I do neither. Nor had I over the weekend.

Once I was in the loo with my stereo happily playing away when the sound went up very loudly. I thought it was my speakers being troublesome, but when I went back into the living room the volume knob had been turned up. I tried to think of a logical explanation then, but I was alone. Even the cats were in the garden!!

Please are there any electricians out there who can tell me it's all perfectly logical and so and so has happened? I really don't want to spend my weekends with a strange ghost. Do I get a psychic or an electrician? Answers on a post card......................................


Knowleypowley said...


Has this happened before? If not, I would call a christian electrician in.

Carol said...

What you mean an electric vicar? :-)

Sharon J said...

You do get those strange noises from upstairs too, don't you? Could just be somebody from your family trying to let you know they're around. Maybe because you've been looking into your family history? Who knows.

'Fraid I don't have a logical explaination for it all. Sunday's alarm problem could have been caused by the storm (although I don't know how) but that doesn't explain everything else.

Sharon J said...

Oh, and remember the time when even Richard was scared and was gonna knock on to Rahim's and get him to go in with him? He was sure somebody was upstairs but when he went up, there was no sign of anything being moved.

Carol said...

I try to be logical about the noises. I mean when a lorry goes past the house vibrates (No battery comments please!!!)I would like to think that as they are so bady built (Sorry Barratts, but they are)I tend to get those noises when the next door neighbours are walking about. But sometimes I actally hear a thumping above my head which I can't really attribute to the neighbours. I am trying not to think about it, you are not there for a month and I can't run to your house in terror!!! LOL

les said...

Well don`t worry about nowt you can`t control inc the weather. Some people believe in ghosts,god, space men etc. The thing is none can be proved, although in the case of god maybe when we each breath our last some of the mysteries of the world will be revealed one way or the other. But for sure you can`t tell anyone about it as we will be back to the ghost bit.
So be like me take it all as it comes, what will be will be.
Sleep well

Carol said...

Oh I sleep well, assuming the bloody smoke alarm won't wake me up!! LOL I am only at home at weekends anyway. But I am intrigued and I must admit, a little spooked as well!!

Carol said...

Spoke to Bill about this last night Shaz, he says it may be a faulty switch. Hope so!!!