Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Did anyone see that 2 part dramatisation the other night based on the report from the 9/11 commission? I have forgotten the title but it was on BBC2

It was really sad to watch, especially as I had the benefit of Hindsight. The intelligence they had that a terrorist attack was imminent was quite shocking and the fact that they ' didn't have specifics' so ignored it, was more shocking still. At the end of the second part as we got closer and closer to the attacks on the world trade centre I found myself willing the Americans to act and hoped against hope that the planes wouldn't crash into the twin towers even though I knew they would. I found the whole thing very disconcerting as I felt I should be able to turn the clock back and make it all better again.

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valonia said...

I saw part of that programme. I was at work and the gentleman I support had the remote control so it soon got switched to something else. Part of me was glad though, as it was compulsive viewing, and I didn't dare turn away. Like you, I was hoping for a happier ending, knowing one would not come.