Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Evil in Me

I was going to call this post something else, I was, in actual fact going to title it with the name of a certain person who (did) mightily piss me off, but I decided to be a good girl and let bygones be bygones. Although not before I perpetrated some psychological warfare.

I was invited to stay somewhere in January. You know about that. The fact is, this person actively encouraged me to spend a large amount of money to buy a ticket to travel, which I did. Then just a few days before Christmas, stopped all contact with me. DEAD!! Changed the contact phone number, but not before telling me they were not alright, but offering no further explaination. So along with the aggravation of having an unexpected 12 inch scar, plus the hassle work were presenting me with, I had to sit all through Christmas pretending I was having a great time, while actually I was stressing about whether or not that person was sick, dead whatever!

Anyway, as my travel date got closer, I began to get calls from people who had been told I was going for a visit by this person, and it began to dawn on me, they were getting worried about my visit. Was I or wasn't I going? Gradually as all my cylinders started kicking in, I thought it would be good fun to let them think I still was!! I thoroughly enjoyed a nice natty game of mind chess, because even if they weren't bothered I enjoyed myself terrorising them.

Anyway RI, I would just like you to know. I know how much you have stressed and fretted about getting a visit from me because a certain friend has told me. So now I can tell you. I wasn't there. I saved my money and spent it on doing something important instead, I didn't lose the money you see. All my cynlinders are firing now and I feel great, no longer am I vunerable and guess what? Those calls from friends produced a terrific surprise, I discovered just who my friends were and I will be visiting them.......................................soon, so don't stop looking over your shoulder quite just yet!!!

Oh and for those that know and love me, please believe me when I tell you, I don't actually do this at the drop of a hat. It takes a lot to push me to do what I have done and it bloody well made me feel sooooooo much better.


Dave said...

Ooooh, how mysterious - has there been any contact from him/her since this post?

Carol said...

None, thankfully.