Monday, March 05, 2007

Bath? No Thanks

Well my shower blew up!! It was panic stations for a while as my lodger was on her own and it had tripped the RCD circuit, still with a little coaxing, she finally got the electricity back on so she could watch T.V

Then I had the problem of finding someone to fit a new one. I had managed to get a decent shower in Argos, but working in London and living in Crewe at weekends, I haven't got a portfolio of workmen. So I turned to the yellow pages. I tried quite a few numbers, quite frankly if they didn't answer the phone then I didn't leave a message. I eventually got an answer from a guy who didn't seem all that enthused about working on a weekend, but I left my number and forgot about it.

Saturday passed and no call. I had to have a bath!!! I hate baths, in fact it has been years since I have had one. So I asked a neighbour if they could recommend someone and got a number from them. Then Sunday the phone rang. It was the reluctant electrician I had rung earlier in the week. Could he pop over and take a look? So I said yes.

Well after getting lost twice, he turned up, took a look, asked to see the new shower then asked if I would like it fitted immediately? Yes please, I said, How Much? I was expecting a lot of money, it was Sunday after all........... His answer? £30 !!! So long as it was straight forward, which it was! I now have a new working shower, and although I took the mans number I didn't take his company name. He is going to get my business again. What a nice change to meet a genuine workman who does a good job. So if you are living in the Crewe area and want a sparks feel free to contact me.....

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les said...

Oh Carol i have just been reading your blog when you had a boat holiday in the storm. I did laugh especially about the wind blowing you against the bank. It did and still does happen to me.