Monday, April 16, 2007

Typical Man

I have had my Grandson staying with me all week. We have been to the zoo, been over the park, gone to see narrowboats and had lunch in the pub. In all we have had a jolly good time but by Thursday the novelty was wearing off.

He's a right little chatterbox is Kai, he talks for England. He always has a 'Nan what is...........' Or 'Nan, why is............' So there we are on Thursday going around Morrisons. He is singing 'Lets all go to Tesco's where my Mum buys her best clothes' Then the questions start. By the time I got to the check out, I was frazzled so I told him
'Kai, I am going to change my name!!' He looked at me quite puzzled and asked 'What are you going to change it to?' so I told him. 'Anything but Nan then you won't be able to asked non stop questions and I won't have to answer to Nan! He looked at me and said 'Tell me what your new name is then' so I told him 'NO!'. That's when he turned into a typical man, he looked at me really sad and said ' Oh I won't be able to ask you for a cuddle then'

Did I melt? Of course I did, how could I get grumpy at that? So I kept my name and once he realised I wasn't about to change it the questions started again 'Nan what is......' 'Nan why is........'



Akelamalu said...

I think it must be something to do with the name - our KAI is a chatterbox too!

Don't they come out with some funny things, love their hearts!

Sounds like you had a fun week even if it did frazzle you. :)

Sharon J said...

Bless him! I only had him for about an hour in my garden after Richard took him over the park but answered more questions in that time than I normally do in a month.

Sharon, why are you digging that hole?
- Because I'm going to put a plant in it
Why do plants grow in the earth?
- Err... because they need the food that it's the earth.
Why don't we eat earth food then?
- Because we're not plant so it's not good for us.
- Why isn't it good for us?

I'd forgotten what is was like!