Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh Yeah


That is definitely worth a blog. At last the Brits have stood up for what they believe in and that stupid EU has abandoned it's insistence on a metric way of life!!!

Now does anyone else have any more suggestions about any other stupid rules and regulations they have imposed on us that we can totally ignore?

No one minds a suggestion, but when a group of unelected nit wits come along and TELL us what to do then that's where I draw the line.


Sharon J said...

To be honest, I've no idea why anybody would want to keep the old imperial system when the metric system is so much easier. I mean, could you imagine going back to the old money system now? I understand what you mean about being forced into doing something but I working in tens rather than fourteens and sixteens must be easier?

Carol said...

I do agree with you Sharon, but its the insistence that we do everything their way when basically we have had no say in the matter since the 70's. I prefer metric myself, but some people understand imperial better. I am glad we have at least been allowed to display both. Oh and for many years after decimalisation, a grandparent-in-law used to regularly go to the market and come back and tell the missus how 'this was 2 bob'!

Sharon J said...

My dad still spoke in "bobs" right up until he developed dementia. A 50p piece was always "ten bob". For the time being it's probably best to display both because of the older people who don't understand metric but I do think the imperial system will eventually die out.