Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Back in the land of the living

Here I am, back amongst the ranks of the working class. I went back to work yesterday!!

I never thought I would say it, but I am glad to be back at work. I have missed my colleagues and even the work. That 3 months has just whizzed by, zoom, gone. Or as Knowley would say, blink!

No more Jeremy Kyle or This morning for me, no more laying in bed till 9am.

I am so happy. Mmmmmmm Wonder if I will feel like it this time next week. Hahahahahahahahaha


Sharon J said...

While the rest of the world dreams of being able to put their feet up and forget work, you're dancing cos you're back at work! What a fruitcake you are! (The nicest, moistest, fruitiest kind of fruitcake of course).

Seriously, I can understand you. It can get VERY boring being stuck at home all the time. I should know, it's bad enough for me even though I work!

Carol said...

Yep Clankypants nutty as a fruitcake me!!

Sharon J said...

And do you?

Carol said...

No I don't but hey I filled the application in for my job today.......I will wait for the day before closing to send it off