Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marbella Bollox!!!

My god, I watched the T.V last night. Marbella Belles! Belles? I think not. Listen I can swear like a fish wife at times, but that woman, er whatserface, well she can put me to shame. I have to watch it in open mouthed wonder at a bunch of women who are so far up their own arses I am surprised they haven't disappeared!!

One was complaining last night that the love of her life had left her for 'a 53 year old grandmother' mmmmm shouldn't that TELL you something about yourself? Or should it? So what if she was 53, so what if she was a grandmother? Looks like he still left you his BMW and the ability to pay £300 for a pair of Jimmy Choos. I have never seen such a bunch of materialistic old slappers in my life, the problem is, it is compulsive viewing for me.

I watch them because it makes me feel good about myself, despite being a size 20 and not nearly as well groomed as they are. I am glad I have to scrimp for a living, and am a 47 year old grandmother!!

Watch it and enjoy the exploits of

Just hands over ' TheBaybeee' to LinLin the au-pair. How sad she can't enjoy the lovely little boy. She has a cream dog to match her cream rug. Lets hope it doesn't piss on it then!! Come to think of it, lets hope Lin Lin doesn't let 'The Baybee' piss on the rug either or she will have to get someone to change the colour scheme for her! Oh and why does she use fake tan on her face while living in Marbella? She already has more wrinkles than my 80 year old mother anyway, so she can't use sun damage as an excuse.

Beauty salon owner, she lost '2 good men to friends'. Couldn't have been that good then eh? Her current boyfriend bought her a real Gucci diamond bracelet and guess what? She didn't realise it was real or so expensive, but despite that 'She has earned everyone of those diamonds' How? Pray do tell......................

6ft 2 inches of ....what? Asked a friend last night why she brought another friend along who got so drunk she was experiencing a 'Falaraki' moment, sent her packing in a taxi then did the same thing herself later. 'Works' as a cosmetic surgery co-ordinator and quite honestly, if looks are so important to her, should take advantage of the staff discounts!

Ohhhh I can't wait for next week!!!! Tuesdays 10pm ITV1 Meowwwwww!!


Akelamalu said...

Carol I am myself laughing as I read this because those were my exact comments when I watched it last night!

Whatserface couldn't even remember her baby's name last week! Blue? Blue what, colour? Oh, the baybeee?

I said to MWM "there's no justice in this world that people like that have all that money and don't know what to do with it!"

As you say though - compulsive viewing.

Carol said...

Which just goes to show. Money can buy you freedom but it will never buy you class.

Akelamalu said...