Thursday, July 27, 2006


I went to Tatton Park on Saturday, for the RHS flower show. I have never been to one before and was convinced that I would come back with arms fulls of plants.

We were lucky actually, despite the bruv-in-laws car causing problems just outside of Crewe and us having to drive back to get my car, we went to Tatton Park via the A50 , which was completely empty. In fact, we drove over the M6 and looked down at all the traffic. We drove straight into Tatton, got parked and were there in time for opening.

It was mightily hot on Saturday, so some of the gardens were not as fresh, but there were definitely one or two I would have scooped up and built in my garden. The most popular place seemed to be the Coutry living marquee. I really wanted to have a good look around it, but only managed 5 minutes before I wanted to kill someone so we left.

Price wise, plants, gadgets and gismo's weren't that expensive, you had to keep and eye open for the best nursery exhibitors as some did tend to sell the straggly plants, but in general, the place was wonderful.

I did notice that one or two of the flower beds seemed to have a canal theme going on. I did take a few photo's with my 'antique' camera (35mm film) One day, I may learn how to upload photo's and add some.

Must mention the idiot who took his dog along and left the poor thing in the car. The announcer did say that the rangers were about to break his window to rescue the dog, lets hope they did as it was an expensive car. Serve the tosser right for taking the dog in that extreme heat. I just hope the dog was alright.

So would I do it again? Definitely, only I hope next time it is a tad cooler. I hate the humidity as I go around looking like a soaked tomato, but then my sister does too, so I didn't feel so self consious about it!! If anyone has any ideas on how to NOT look like a soaked tomato, I would be very grateful. Oh and I bought 2 plants. 2!!! And they were the same. I just hope the hot weather hasn't withered them this week.


Sharon J said...

With Richard tending them with his khaki fingers? How could they possibly have withered? What plants were they, anyway?

Carol said...

Lady bird poppies. I have planted them in front of my water tub. Hopefully they will seed and spread. You know I like poppies. Some are about to flower, get over there girl with some of your tpn.

Sharon J said...

Oops... only just read this. I'll give your garden a good going over with TPN next week (which will be this week by the time you're back at work and can read this).