Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mind the B.O

This is going to be short and sweet.

I went back to work this week. I work in London and the temprature has been sweltering as most of you know. I have been most grateful for my air conditioned office. In fact I have a very nice new office along with a radio.

Anyway, I was listening to LBC on Tuesday and a news bulletin came on saying that the tempratures were sooooo hot on the London underground that the staff would be giving out free bottles of water to passengers.

The thought that struck me most at that moment was basically, bollox to the bottles of water. London Underground staff should be giving out free aerosols of deodorant. I know it has been hot, but really, some people's body odour is so obviously more than a day old. Don't people wash their clothes and bodies anymore? I am not talking about tramps, I am talking about suited and booted people who have jobs to go to.

I am going to write to LUL and suggest that instead of putting bottled water posters up and giving them away free that they have sweet smelling days and anyone with BO gets told to BOG OFF and walk with their arms glued to their sides.

Please, people who use the tube, be kind to your fellow passengers and sniff yourselves before you venture out of your homes. Having to wear a peg on your nose, on the tube and in this heat is not on!!!!!


Knowleypowley said...

Carol, get a lavender stick (like a push up deoderant stick) from the chemists. Usually used to rub on the side of the temples to de stress and give a good nights sleep.

Suggest you rub it just above the top lip before you descend into the undergound, hopefully the smell of lavender will mask the BO

Sharon J said...

That took me back to the 70s when I used to use the tube. Obviously, when it comes to personal hygiene, nothing much has changed. I don't get it - even if you get up late and don't have time to shower, surely a quick splash under the armpits and between the legs is a necessity before venturing out into the world?

I'd definitely consider investing in one of the aforementioned lavender sticks.