Monday, July 17, 2006

First picnic in years

Oh what a wonderful weekend.

My daughter, along with her partner and (almost) 3 year old son came to stay with me this weekend, and as glorious weather was forcast, I decided to go to the peak district and have a picnic. A friend recommended the Dovedale area and thats how we found ourselves in Ilam

What a pretty little villiage it was, deep down in the valley. We parked the car in the country park, which is now run by the national trust (£2 for 2 hours parking and £4 for 4 hours and over). We found a nice shady spot under a tree and had a picnic. I haven't had a picnic for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After lunch, we went for a walk along the river and then over to the church. I could have stayed there all day, but I promised my daughter a ride around the peak district.

From there we took the 515 to Buxton and at this point I would like to give a special message to a particular 'driver' of a high powered silver car (Don't know the make but quite flash, 2 seats and probably only got 2 miles to the gallon out of it) When overtaking, please try to limit it to one car at a time and not on a hill with a bend in it and a cyclist struggling to get up and around it. Also, once past the car, please keep your eyes in front and try not to concentrate on your rear view mirror intent on calling ME names when the dick on your head is so obvious for all to see, oh and lastly, should you have a serious accident, please please please make sure you only injure/kill yourself and not some poor innocent road user that KNOWS how to drive safely. (although I am sure you KNOW how to drive safely, you just have a total disregard for those that wish to.) It's not cool to be reckless

Anyway, we got to Buxton in one piece, They had a carnival there this weekend, but we didn't stop. We took the Macclesfield road, branched off towards Congleton and saw the peak from a different angle. I really want to go back soon and explore some more little villiages tucked away there. I kinda liked driving the roads, sometimes I felt like I was on a big dipper.


Knowleypowley said...

Sounds a wonderful weekend Carol. particularly like the sound of the villages tucked away amongst the hills.

Carol said...

Knowley, the peak district is lovely, luckily for me it is only about an hour away from home (My Crewe home)Give a try sometime.

Sharon J said...

A friend? I do have a name, y'know ;-)