Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cheeky lady

O.K Sharon wants you to know this story, so I will tell it.

As I have mentioned I recently had a medical emergency. Basically I have been suffering with my stomach for some time so after quite a few days of major discomfort I decided to take myself off to the local A & E. To be honest, I felt a bit guilty about it, I mean the A & E is for ill people isn't it? I felt like I was making a fuss, but got a friend to take me there anyway.

I got to see the doctor really quickly, it was 10.30pm on a Saturday night and, surprisingly, I was the only one waiting. She took a look, took some blood and then told me I was a 'bit yellow'. I had a blockage in my bile duct and I was going to have to be admitted. I was admitted with what I stood in, pajama's that had seen better days, no underwear, a waterproof jacket and my gardening shoes. The next bit is important so read on.

How many of you have been told by your mothers to make sure you are wearing clean underwear in case you have an accident? Well listen to her. I am going to add to that advice. If you ever have to go to A & E, take a little bag along with you that contains some underwear and your purse at least. I had NOTHING.

My friend, bless her, had been up for 24 hours and I could not have expected her to go back to my house and get some stuff, but I did ask her to pop in with some stuff the next day. In the meantime the hospital gave me one of those lovely gowns that gape open at the back, so I put it on and kept my PJ pajama bottoms on too.

I didn't get any stuff until I had been in the hospital for 2 days. Luckily for me, I have a friend that hates wearing knickers, but she at least bought me some.

One evening during a visit, the ward sister came to see me and tell me there was a telephone call for me. My Patientline thingy wasn't working, so I hopped off the bed and off I went to take it. I then heard all this sniggering and laughing. It was while I was at the phone I realised that my bum had been on view to all the other patients and all their visitors! Thank god I did have drawers on but believe me when I tell you it was still not a pretty site.

Ordinarily I would have been too embarressed to go back and face my audience but luckily 1. The nurse gave me another gown to wear the other way which covered up the gap and 2. I was just too ill to care anyway.

So Sharon, I have told the whole internet that I have flashed my knickers to complete strangers, and once I link my blog to yours, the whole internet will see you frequently go without knickers and then blame it on absent mindedness and that complete strangers have seen a whole lot more!!!

Here is a link to Sharon's blog. She's not a bad old stick really and can be quite amusing sometimes.

Anyway, that is my blog. Not really funny now, you had to be there, but then who knows, maybe you were!! If so, I apologise, I know it wasn't a pretty site, but I wasn't of sound body at the time.


Knowleypowley said...

Bravo to you for telling the world.

You're not alone. When I had an operation on my ear, I was givena gown and what I now know to be paper pants, but at the time thought was some special kind of head wear to allow the Dr's access to my ear. Not only did I have a bum on view, but pants on my head.

Trust you are well now.

Sharon J said...

LOL @ knowleypowley! Hospitals are made for these kind of 'mishaps'.

Knickers, in my opinion, are simply more trouble than their worth. The trouble being, of course, remembering to put the darned things on!

Carol said...

I cracked up when I read that. I can just picture it!! How hilarious, just as well you had had a pre-med eh?

Knowleypowley said...

Yes, the matron was very understanding