Monday, July 03, 2006


I am back now after a little medical emergency. Time to blog.

I went to the Crick boat show this year, bloody hell, what a saga. I went M6, M1 then what happened? Got to the exit on the M1 to be informed the exit was closed! Bugger. I took it anyway and was informed by a nice policeman on the roundabout that due to a serious fire there was a divertion. So I took the diversion only to be diverted again and onto a huge queue! So it took me 2 hours to drive from Crewe to Northampton then another 2 hours from the turn off to the marina, which by the way was a mud bath!!

Anyway enough moaning. I LOVED it. There were boats everywhere (surprise surprise) I specifically wanted to see the Big Fish narrow boat co's boat as they look nice but as it was the only one not to offer me plastic covers for my boots so I didn't bother. I caught up with it on Waterworld this weekend.

The place was packed, I took my grandson along (He's 3) and all he was worried about was getting his face painted. So after making that our first priority, I took him to look at some boats. He likes them, but as I am determined to turn him into a narrowboating gardener, thats all well and good anyway. I must admit the choice was breathtaking. Big ones, little ones, all with mod cons. I looked at one in particular and was going to go to their open day near me, but my health intervened. So some other time for that.

I have to say, even if you don't like boats, go to the Crick boat show. The jazz band were excellent (Ask my dancing grandson), the boats wonderful, and the people friendly. I will go again next year and maybe I'll see you there.


Sharon J said...

What? No mention of being in hospital with nothing but an open backed gown to preserve your modesty? Oh dear... you did look a sight that day!

Knowleypowley said...

Trust you are well and all is OK

Carol said...

I am very well now thanks, in fact it is the best I have felt for the last year. I am going back into hospital in Septmeber to get the blasted gall bladded out then I am going to eat a sausage!!!

Sharon J said...

Eat a sausage eh? The mind boggles!