Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Big brother

I know I am a saddo, but I have watched Big Brother since it started. I must admit I haven't watched as avidly as before, but I did Friday.

I am sorry all you Nikki fans out there, but I couldn't stand her!! Those bloody tantrums were like watching my grandson and he is almost 3, in fact I'd go as far as to say, he is more mature than that!!!

Anyway, my point is this. When she came out of the house, had they primed the audience to cheer to make her feel better? She was told she was a very popular housemate blah blah blah. Oh Yeah? How come she got voted OUT of the house by Joe public if she was so popular? All that cheering just enforced her belief that throwing tantrums gets you what you want! No I am not sorry to see the back of her, lets hope she fades quietly into oblivion, although I suspect she won't. Hopefully we'll see the back of Jayne next :-)


Sharon J said...

I've no idea who Nikki is but agree that nobody should believe that throwing tantrums is a way to gain brownie points. I think it's about time C4 ditched BB for something more interesting. It must surely have run its course by now?

Carol said...

Well you know what Clank? I agree with you. I am either growing old/up (Finally) or it has definitely become very tedious.