Monday, July 31, 2006

Squirrel nutkins new image

Ok Ok I know squirrels are classed as vermin now, if we catch one we are not supposed to release it back into the wild. They are just rats with lovely bushy tails, but we have a lot of them around and about at the university where I work.

I have just been sitting here in my office after a rather hectic day (End of the financial year!!) and one just popped into my open window. Sadly I had no nuts to offer, and I suppose I shouldn't really as it might chew the data/telephone cables but hey ho, it cheered up a rather dull day.

I rescued a baby one once. I did show it a tree but as it was so young it followed me and I eventually ended up taking it to my friend SHARON'S house and putting it in her tree, where it lived quite happily.

I could never kill one, I'd rather leave that to a stray cat that lives in the courtyard. So what am I supposed to do with it? In fact, if we are not supposed to release them back into the wild,what is anyone supposed to do with a resident squirrel? Answers on a post card..............................

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Sharon J said...

When was that? Two years ago? I've no idea what happened to him because I haven't seen him or Dozer this year. Or maybe it was a she. I'm not up on squirrel sexing!