Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Case of the Missing Camera

I last used my camera in May 2012, then it went missing. I was particularly miffed as it contained an almost new 32gb SD card which I had purchased for a really good price. The camera itself, a Cannon, I wasn't too bothered about as dirt had got into the lens and for the price they wanted to charge me for cleaning it, I was better off buying a new one.

I searched every nook and cranny of the house, I also had a ruck sack missing so assumed that one was in the other. Then I searched every nook and cranny of my office. It had dissapeared without trace.

Along came Christmas. I had packed the Christmas tree after last Christmas  in 5 rubble sacks and stored it in a wardrobe. I took it out of the wardrobe, put it up and got on with Christmas. After Christmas, I went along to the cracking Westfield and found a lovely Panasonic Lumix Camera in the John Lewis sale. I took home my purchase, gave it a good once over, but lamented the loss of the old camera with the 32gb SD card. Dad said 'You'll find the old one now' But where?

New years day I dismantled the Christmas tree and packed it into a nice purpose built bag, dragged it up to the wardrobe, opened the door and there on the floor was my missing rucksack. Ah ha!! Yes the old camera was in it, but I know it wasn't in there when I took the tree out. It would have been under the Christmas tree which I had packed away in January 2012. I last used the camera in May 2012. I would have had to have taken the rucksack out if it had been stored on top of the tree. I swear it must have been the Christmas fairy. So Thank you Christmas Fairy, I no longer have to buy an expensive SD cards, plus I get my old pics back.

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