Saturday, January 26, 2013


Last weekend, we had snow in London that settled. Kai and Sian came over and built Bob.
I stood as I was cooking dinner and watched from the kitchen window as they laboured away, it really left me smiling, because my grandchildren, along with their Mum and Dad live in a one bedroomed flat on the fifth floor. They don't go out to play much, like we used to as kids, because the playground downstairs is usually desserted and Christine feels that, although she can watch from the window, if anything untoward were to happen, she wouldn't be able to get down to them quick enough.
Usually, these two fight like cat and dog, but when they work together, it is a pleasure to see. They nearly always close the day, holding hands and are quite protective of one and other.                         

Bob is almost melted now, and it is ME who feels sad!!

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