Monday, January 28, 2013


I have all my holidays planned this year. A week on the Trent and Mersey in March courtesy of Aqua. Boating for my birthday seems to be a theme, then in August I am off to Wales for 2 weeks in August and back again there for a week in October.

The 2 week holiday in Wales is spent with my friend and her husband. He is a keen fishermen,  I go in my car so that Sue and I can go out and about. This will be the 3rd time we have stayed in Wyeside Barn. I really love it there. Last year we went to Rhaydar where they have a series of reservoirs, the scenery was fantastic and we were treated to a low level flight of the new Eurofighter, we also took a trip to Aberystwyth. Last year whilst there, we were watching a local program about tourists and I did have to laugh. An American tourist was raving about Wales and saying how 'Wales was the prettiest place in England' LOL

I usually go over the mountains to visit family too, as my Mum was born in a small mining villiage called Caerau, quite close to Maesteg. I still have an aunt and an uncle there and at least 30 cousins living in the area

I am just not inclined to go abroad anymore, it's not the money, because holidaying in Britain is not cheap, I could certainly get an all inclusive in the Carribean for the cost of the four weeks above have amounted to, but the cost is shared and I really think there are some gorgeous places to visit here. Besides, I am not a fan of all inclusive and that seems to be the way of things these days. Also, the last flight I 'endured' with Virgin really put me off of
A, Flying with Virgin
B. Flying long haul
C. Flying full stop!!

I am thinking of getting away for a few days on my own too. I love living with my Dad but I never get any 'me' time and I desperately need some. A nice short break somewhere quiet would be great.

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