Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cat Emergency

We have a cat, Sylvester. He was passed onto us by my niece, who had moved into a flat. That cat knows what he wants. 6am he mews outside the bedroom door, his cat version of 'Feed me!! Feed me now!' The last week or so he has been very subdued. I could see no visible marks, he wasn't limping or seemed to be in any discomfort, he was just really lethargic.

He hates using a litter tray. At times he will run up and down the passage making it very obvious that he needs the toilet and would rather be let out first than be fed. He is a very clean cat, so when I got up yesterday and saw him asleep in the litter tray I was somewhat alarmed. My Dad was already up and for Sylvester not  to have followed him downstairs for food was not the norm. I called him and he managed to get to his feet. He stepped out of the litter tray and stopped, I could see he had no energy, so I lifted him up and I could feel he was very hot. He managed a miniscule amount of food. I called the vet and he told me to bring him in.

Somehow he had dragged himself back up the stairs and was in the throes of using the dreaded litter tray. He started to hiss and snarl, so I got the travel box down, left the door to it open and came back downstairs to get some tough gardening gloves. When I returned to him, he had put himself in there.

We rushed him to the vet, we had been given half an hour to get him there or it would have to be a Monday appointment. The vet took a look, suddenly grabbed his neck and the next thing I knew, there was a lot of cat screaming and snarling and a lot of gunk all over the vets table. I was scared and really upset, because I thought all that nasty stuff had come from his bowel and thought he had had his chips for sure. The vet reassured us and told us that he had a nasty infected puss filled absess in the muscle of his back leg. Monday would have been too late as he was a very poorly cat. During the lancing, Sylvester had taken a nasty swipe at my Dads hand, and because my Dads skin is so thin, it opened up and started bleeding profusely. The vet treated him too.

Sylvester is on the mend, although he is not allowed out as the vet has left the wound open to drain. There is paper all over the house because he does love to lay on a newspaper. This morning, I went looking for him but he found me first, rubbing himself against my legs telling me 'Feed me!! Feed me now'

A recovering spoilt boy


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Glad to hear your little cat is on the mend, our little, " Fur Kids" what would we do without them! Debbie :)

Ayak said...

That must have been very uncomfortable for him. So glad to hear he's recovering x

Carol said...

We adore that cat, 'fur kid' is the right expression. Yes I felt really guilty, he must have been in pain but he showed no signs of discomfort at all. He was a bit lethargic at the time it must have happened, then perked up. It was only the last 5 days or so that he started to withdraw and I did keep an eye on him. He is getting back to his normal self now, trying to keep him in is going to be a nightmare. Last time we had to keep him in you could really tell he had the hump with us!! LOL