Monday, July 06, 2009

Divvy Tuesday

I had the day off last Tuesday. I was meeting a friend. It was a boiling hot sunny day and as I was about to set off I saw my friends grandaughter.
My Car has air conditioning so I decided to turn the engine over and run the ac for a while. Usually I check that the car isn't in gear, on this divvy Tuesday, as I was distracted, I didn't! There I was chatting away, I reached into the car, inserted the key, turned the ignition and...................the car zoomed 3 feet forward and went BANG into the car parked in front of it. I felt sick, then a fool. I was parked in my street and the noise was horrendous. With trepidation, I got in the car reversed it back and to my amazement saw that the car I had hit didn't even have one little scratch. I looked at mine and the same. No damage. Phew. I did get my Dad and a friend to double check but luckily for me. No damage to either car.

I went off merrily to meet my friend we sat and had a nice meal. At the end of the meal I needed to 'powder my nose' so skipped off to the toilet. Entered the toilet and thought 'How funny, they have put a water feature in the toilet' It was a stainless steel water feature with water running down it.......but actually I was in the gents and it was the urinal! Luckily for me again, there were no men in attendance.

Tuesday was a definite 'head in the shed' day but it did make me laugh.


Akelamalu said...

So, what was the third thing to go wrong on Tuesday - they always come in threes! LOL

Carol said...

I woke up to find the freezer door wide open and had to throw the contents of the freezer in the bin (3 black bags full) but that was my Dad being divvy so it doesn't really count LOL. Bless him, he was really upset.