Friday, July 10, 2009


Resident parking in Newham never ceases to amaze me.

The street I live in, Albert Square, has resident parking. 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday, Ash Road, the street that runs parallel is the same except for the top half which is Monday to Friday 10am to 12pm.

A few residents in Albert Square have had a brush with the refuse lorry and other lorries that go down there, because although the road is not narrow narrow, it is a bit too narrow to accomodate lorries and careless drivers. As a consequence to this some people park with their tyres on the kerb stones.

Over a year ago warnings were placed on the cars informing them that in the future, if they put their wheels on any part of the pavement, they would be ticketed. A few residents phoned the council and explained the problems with the lorries and were told that they would be ok to park on the kerb stone.

Yesterday I went outside to find a penalty notice on my dad's car that had the tyres on the kerbstone. It had been there for over 2 weeks parked in the same place yet on Wednesday they ticketed it and all the other days they didn't, so I phoned Laurence Courtney at the council who, despite his protests that he wasn't, was a jobs worth.
According to the highway code, parking is not allowed on the pavement. Despite neighbours having their tickets cancelled in the past because they were only on the kerbstone until he catagorically told me I could park on the kerb then I couldn't. He demanded to know who had told us that we could park on the kerb so that he could 'personally discipline them', well I couldn't tell him because it wasn't me who phoned. But I am angry, because I suspect, either a new warden went along the road on Wednesday or Mr Courtney is new to the job and should have found out what we had been told and then sent out warnings again. The inconsistencies drive me mad.


Akelamalu said...

Oh I hate jobsworths! Thankfully we don't have a problem parking as we have a drive. We do sometimes have a problem with people parking across it though! Argggghhh!

Carol said...

Update. They came and measured the road instead of looking at it on Google earth and have decided we can park on the kerb after all. No offer to re-imburse the parking fine though. Still it's a result for common sense

midiwife said...

Today myself and my neighbour have just been given penalty notices for parking with 2 wheels on the kerb around the corner from you in Campbell Road. The road is a narrow cul-de-sac and my previous vehicle was hit by the rubbish lorry, hence me parking on the kerb ever since (now 5 years). Today is the first time I've had any problem with this. I'd appreciate any advice you might have for contesting this and for future parking on the kerb in this narrow street.

Carol said...

Firstly have a word with the guy who drives the dust cart, we spoke to him and he told us he had been complaining for ages about the width of our road, so speak to him and ask him to complain again. Then measure the road between curbs and then go and measure roads where you know you are allowed to park on the kerb. You have to allow 5 feet between the end of front gardens to the curb, then email the highways department. Ask them to come and measure the road and explain that the dustmen and yourselves feel that there is not enough clear access for large vehicles. I can't tell you what the width was as a neighbour did it but get them to look at it in person and not on google earth!!