Monday, June 29, 2009


Well to the few people who read this blog. Apologies. I have been very remiss in blogging and I didn't realise people were interested.

Well work, since my last blog, the director for my department has had to resign 'with immediated effect due to personal reasons' I have seen them come and now I have seen another one go. Isn't that always the way? The vice chancellor decided to take early retirement with immediate effect but will continue to get paid until December. What a retirement package! Hope I get that one when I retire at almost 66 (Thats another blog!)

The situation is dire. All the Voluntary redundancies have been announced (My line manager is one of them) Now they are starting on the compulsory ones. With my line manager going I now have to report to my old one although I would rather chew my right arm off, but I did manage to keep the wolf from the telephonists door as they report to me. So I probably have a job for the 12-18 months.I have decided not to worry about what I can't control and stay put until they chuck me out!!

The good news is, I have tennants in my Crewe house who seem really nice so I am better off financially. My health is good. My mortgage is insured and the sun is shining. Oh and there is air conditioning in the office, so thats a bonus.

I spent the day with my grandchildren yesterday. My Dad and I took them out to lunch then over to Epping forest. Sian is now 19 months old spends the whole day running up and down or for some of that energy!

I love it over the forest and recently spent an open day at Copped Hall which I never realised was there. If you live in the area the next open day is 30th of August. My friend took me over there and the gardens are fantastic even if the house is still a building site.

Ok I promise to update more often Hello to everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer.


Akelamalu said...

Nice to see you back Carol. :)

You do right to stay put, especially if there the possibility of a redundancy package. No point in looking for another job until you absolutely have to. Nice to hear you have good tenants in your Crewe house and as you say your health is good so that's brill! :)

LES said...

Hi Carol
Welcome back to the land of blog.
It sounds as though things are ticking along and as you say don`t worry about what you can`t control.
Stone at the moment and heading south but not sure how far.
Take care