Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Birthday Boy

I can't believe Kai was 6 yesterday! That has just flown by.

As a treat his Mum and Dad took him to the Arsenal stadium which he didn't know about. As it is around the corner from where I work he thought he was coming to see me. Bless, he got really excited when he saw the stadium and then when he found out he was going inside was even more thrilled.

He had his photo taken on his favorite players seat in the dressing room (Theo Walcott). Went into the directors box, took a look at the pitch (But no footie allowed)but what he did in the Arsenal shop was really lovely.

He got quite a lot of birthday money, so he went around the shop chosing things that he wanted. He got a ball, a hat, some sweets, a mug and water bottle and a bowl. Then he picked up a pink beany bear for his sister. Sadly it is an Arsenal bear and I must confess to having a preference for West Ham but he's only young isn't he?

It made me smile that he is starting to grow up to be a gentleman.


Akelamalu said...

Gosh they grow up so quickly don't they Carol? Our Kai was 5 in March. Our eldest grandson was 10 on Aug 1st! :0

How sweet of Kai to think about his sister when he was spending his birthday money. :)

Carol said...

Yes they grow up so fast. I thought it was really sweet to spend his birthday money on her too, he has been a bit naughty lately so he earned himself some brownie points ! :-)