Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well we got the official news yesterday. EVERYONE in the telecoms department is to be 'deleted' in 2010! Quite where the expression 'deleted' came from is anyones guess, but I think it is nasty, impersonal and very rude.

Stranger still was the absense of the managers yesterday, one in particular was absent the whole of last week when the executive group announced the voluntary redundancy scheme and told us we would be told by our heads of departments what the plans were for our department. Well it looks like deletions all around in ISS. I can't quite name names but here is a clue to my distaste: Green Day

Anyone got a job for me?


Akelamalu said...

Oh crikey that's a bummer! I've been made redundant twice in my working life and reorganised umpteen times but never deleted!

Carol said...

I know it makes you laugh doesn't it? the chances are they will outsource our department, after all, who ever heard of an organisation having no telecoms at all? But the question is will the outsource company be worth a shit? The last company that we tendered for to do all the cabling and installations went tits up after 2 years and we had to employ the staff direct. I am job hunting from now. The measly redundancy package won't be worth staying for.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carol
It's been a while since you posted. I wondered how the job search was going... any luck?
Hope you're well
- Carrie

Carol said...

Hi Carrie
How are you? Hope you have settled into your moorings. I am not job hunting as such but am keeping an eye out. Hope you too are well.