Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lovely Weekend

Well I went to Crewe for the bank holiday weekend and stayed with Sharon It was so nice to be able to relax and enjoy the fab weather. I also met up with Les who was moored up at Nantwich on his boat, Valerie. He is a lovely man and was generous with his time and tea, although I did bribe him with a nice cake from Cheerbrooks Les is a seasoned boater now and it was nice to finally put a human being to a blog. A big thanks Les for providing the tea and letting me be nosy. Nice boat. Hope you get the curtains sorted out to your satisfaction. Probably see you again one of these days.

Sharon and I went to dinner one night, Saturday I think, and we found a nice pub but it was quite shocking to be one of only 6 customers. This recession is really biting. The food was delicious and cheap. So come on people, use your local just once a week because once it's gone it's gone. One pub we passed was actually closed!!

Lucky me that I went north (West) as the weather was glorious except for Friday, while the family suffered gloomy skys and rain in London.

It seemed a bit weird going to Crewe and staying at Sharons but my house is ready for renting now and although I went over and mowed the lawns and aired the place, I didn't see much of it and what I did see doesn't feel like mine anymore. Oh well.

Also took a drive out to this place here which is very new but going to be nice. Had a snack there and wiled away an hour looking at the boats.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter, now it's back to work for me!!


Akelamalu said...

There are pubs closing every week here. We get out a lot but even I can't drink enough to keep them all open! ;)

Wasn't the weather beautiful at the weekend? :)

Carol said...

Thats not good enough then is it? Drink more! Drink more!! LOL @ Me who doesn't drink!! (much)

LES said...

Hi Carol
It was a pleasure to meet you, anytime you choose you will be welcome.