Saturday, December 23, 2006

Things I need to get better at

1. Saying goodbye to people. Even if there is a remote chance I will see them again. Not people I see on a regular basis, but people I meet and get to know and like

2. Crying in front of others. I would rather lock myself in a toilet

3. Telling someone that they have hurt my feelings

4. Asking for help

5. Ironing as soon as I get it and not wait until the day before a holiday!

6. Not being surprised at human nature and taking it personally

7. Starting conversations with people I don't know

8. Speaking in public

9. Exercising

10. Sticking to my guns I am sooooo easily persuaded!!

I am not tagging anyone. Ha! Fat chance over the Christmas period. Sad as I am, I am taking advantage of having a computer in the house while I babysit Kai!!! If you want to do it, feel free.


Caroline said...

This is sensitive and honest - oh I am do glad that you are blogging again! Praise be to Kai's mummy for letting you babysit her puter xxxxxxxxx

Gary said...

Reading this lot says one thing and thats that your shy. Am I right?

Sharon J said...

I think this'll make a great MeMe so I'm gonna get it moving.

I think Gary's pretty much got you sussed, although I've never noticed that you have a problem starting conversations with strangers, even though I know you do "through a mask", so to speak.

Did you teach Kai how to blog or was he asleep?

Carol said...

To a certain extent Gary, although Sharon is right. I get quite loud and gobby at times but mostly this is the mask!!!

Kai was bouncing around to the sims in the previous blog playing air guitar (An old cardboard tube) Then he watched Carolines elf blog and kept asking me to 'make the lady dance again' He was absolutley delighted that he was on mummies computer. I showed him some old blogs with his picture. He is going to be a blogger quite soon.

Gary said...

Loud and gobby? Thats really not how I pictured you at all but it just goes to show how people can be misjudged through blogs. Whats under the mask?

Carol said...

Actually Gary I am rarely loud and gobby these days. I was when I was younger, but it was just a way of keeping people away from me. I am a lot more open these days although I hate walking into a room full of strangers, I will talk once I have relaxed. I tend to be loud and gobby with close friends only and I am not aggressive gobby just sarcastically witty gobby. LOL
Oh but woe betided anyone who makes me lose my temper!!! (Which is also rare, so relax.....)