Saturday, December 23, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Well we are hurling towards Christmas and I am hurting a bit both Physically and mentally.

I cannot go into to detail here, but I have been let down by someone and the worst of it is, I have spent 2 nights stressing that they are alright at a time when I need it least because they have not been honest with me. Still I have put my mind at rest by at least checking with their local hospital, so they won't be able to use that as an excuse.

I am meant to go and see them, and have spent quite a bit of money in travel expenses. I can add to that expense by saying F*** it and getting some accommodation, after all, they are not the only reason to visit and there are people in the area who I can also go and see. I am not worried about being on my own. After being fussed over, the thought of being on my own for a few weeks is quite nice.

On the other hand, I am being a bit negative at the moment and think, supposing I get bored? I must admit, after being single for so long I am very happy with my own company and can chill with a book, music and TV. I certainly do not have a problem getting about and do possess a full driving license. Maybe I should use it as a spring board to travel the world and see how I get on!!!!

Mostly it will depend on how I feel physically. I am still in occassional severe pain and am quite exhausted. In fact, when I mentioned to my doctor how exhausted I felt she looked at me as if I were mad for even questioning it!! I lay the blame squarely on my friends who have had the same operation keyhole and told me I would be up and about after 3 weeks!! Yeah right!!!! :-)

So should I stay or should I go

Over to you....................


Caroline said...

I am wondering if this is what I think it is about. And if it is then I am saying that should do what will make you happy. If you want to go and stay elsewhere the majority of reasons for wanting to go still remain.
Don't let anyone hurt you or I will chase after them with my egg and spoon!
Take care,

Carol said...

Ta Caroline
It is probably what you think it is and with me it's the principle. Not what has been done but the way it has been done, I am angry, quite hurt but feeling bloody determined to do what I want.
The energy levels will determine. Keep that egg and spoon handy!!!

Knowleypowley said...


Sorry you have been hurt, especially at this time of year. As to whether you should stay or go, my only offering would be to wait and see and whatever openings life gives you in 2007 and if it FEELS right, take it.

Have a Happy and adventurous New Year.


Gary said...

I had my kidney removed about 10 years ago and one word of advice I can give is to watch your weight. The bigger you get the more difficult it becomes to recover and thats especially the exhuastion. I'm about a stone overweight but because I couldnt exercise as much right after the operation I was putting on more and the more weight the body has to carry the more difficult it is to recover. If your one of those skinny birds who looks like a stick insect then you can ignore my advice :-)

Sharon J said...

To be honest Carol, if you need to ask "should I?" then the answer is probably NO otherwise you wouldn't need to ask. That's what my experience has taught me, anyway.

Exhaustion's nasty isn't it? It's so damned debilitating. Gary's definitely got you wrong if he thinks your a stick insect! LOL. According to Richard, there's nothing like a bit of flesh to grab on to!! He's probably right (Gary, not Richard) about bigger people taking longer to recover but it seems to me there's a choice between two evils - exhaustion or eating like a rabbit!

Carol said...

Yes the exhaustion really is a bugger. I have been comfort shopping and only went to 2 shops and then had lunch in the pub.

Gary the only skinny thing about me is the latte I drink.

Knowley, one way or another 2007 is going to be crunch time for me, this is not going to be the only decision!!!