Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hi People.
I am just blogging to say I hope you all have a great Christmas and prosperous New Year.

I am quite well, still having some pain as the muscles knit, and the down side is wider hips as I am unable to walk as fast and as far as usual.

Sharon J, bless her cottons, brought me to London at the weekend so I will be here until the 4th of January. I am spending Christmas day with Christine, Petrus and Kai and then boxing day with my Mum and Dad.

I am looking forward to the New Year, sadly I cannot reveal why publicly but those of you who know Sharon can email her and she will tell you!!!

Have a great one everyone and I will be back in 2007


Knowleypowley said...


Look after yourself matey and have a good one


Gary said...

Found you! I think! Did you leave some comments on my blog? You didnt put a link back to your blog but you mentioned Sharon J so with a bit of detective work I tracked you down. I think I did any way.


Gary said...

Now I feel a right noob! I just read down your posts and realised that I have been here before! Whats a man to do when his brains still in bed long after he's arrived at work?

Sharon J said...

LOL @ Gary feeling a noob! Great word!

I know you probably won't see this now but Merry Christmas, anyway. Look after yourself, girl.

Caroline said...

I know why!*dancing and singing*
Enjoy Christmas and I hope that you have a satisfactory New Year.

Cx ;-0

Carol said...

Things have drastically changed!!! Seriously. Need to make a big decision.
Just think of an old clash song!!!
Anyone interested in an airline ticket? call me!!

Yes Gary I did leave the comments. Noob Great word

Caroline said...

I hope that you're ok.
If you want to put this into an email ... well you know where I am.
Take care